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5 Common Misconceptions About Android TVs

The TV is a quintessential appliance in many Filipino households. It’s mainly used as a source of entertainment, but is also a valuable tool for keeping viewers apprised of the latest news and current affairs. While those basic functions may have satisfied yesterday’s consumers, today’s TV audience demands more. Enter the smart TV, which has all of the functions of older models and so much more. Since these come with internet integration and interactive features, smart TVs have changed the home entertainment system game drastically.

With a smart TV, you can still get your local channels, but you can also watch shows from paid video-on-demand (VOD) streaming platforms. You can connect your smartphone to the smart TV and use some of your phone’s features on the appliance. Due to the smart TV’s more advanced offerings, a lot of Filipinos are starting to upgrade their television sets to more modern smart TVs.

One of the smart TV options you can find in major appliance stores is an Android TV. When you buy Android TV, it may look just like the rest of the smart TVs on the market. But in reality, it has several differences that make it stand out. It also has its own set of limitations, but this shouldn’t deter buyers looking for an exceptional entertainment experience.

If you’re considering whether or not getting an Android TV is worth it, let’s take a look at these five misconceptions about it to help you reach a decision.

The Android TV Is Like Any Ordinary Smart TV

The Android TV is a type of smart TV, but what makes it different from others is its operating system (OS). Android TVs use an Android OS that’s specifically adapted for television. The OS makes the Android TV compatible with specific streaming and casting plug-ins, making your streaming experience much smoother. It also allows users to use and download apps that can be found on Android phones to the TV with ease. (More on this in a moment.)

You Can Install Any App You Want on the Android TV

Speaking of apps, you have to keep in mind that not all the apps you can download on your phone can be used on Android TV. This is because not all apps are optimized for television. Nevertheless, you can still get tons of apps to enjoy this Android TV feature. For example, several smartphone gaming apps have been modified to fit the specifications of Android TVs. These games range from single-player to multiplayer, online to offline titles. Most Android TV models also support up to four gamepads, Android phones, or tablets at once. As a result, you can find an Android TV game you can enjoy solo or with friends.

If you want to manually install an app, installing Android Package Kits (APKs) is also possible on Android TV. However, the process can be quite tedious, and the APKs you have might not be fully optimized for Android TV, so the quality and user experience may vary.

The Audio and Video of Android TV Are Better Than Other Smart TVs

The audio and video of Android TVs are, of course, far better than your standard linear TVs. But when compared to other smart TVs, their differences aren’t so apparent. Since Android TVs, like other smart TVs, are current-generation technology, they offer crystal-clear picture and audio by default. Nevertheless, there are a few things you can do to further enhance the picture and audio quality of your Android TV. You can configure the TV’s display via its picture settings, while installing a high-tech soundbar system will give you next-level sound quality that can be likened to watching in a cinema.

You Need the Internet to Use Android TV

Technically, you don’t need the internet to use the Android TV. Since this appliance is, in essence, a television, it can still receive local channels through cable. However, if you want to access all of its fun features, like the web browser, internet protocol video on demand (IPVOD) platforms, and online apps, then yes, you need internet connectivity.

It’s Difficult to Use Android TV

The Android TV looks modern and sleek, which, to a lot of people, makes it an eye-catching appliance to add to their living room or bedroom. However, the modern look can also make some people question the TV’s convenience because sometimes, the more futuristic the product looks, the more complicated it is to use.

With an Android TV, you shouldn’t encounter any difficulties operating the appliance. You have three options on how you want to control the TV: voice searching, handling the TV remote control, and Android TV remote apps you can download on your smartphone. Each control type has its advantages. For example, with voice control, you can command the Android TV to search for queries, eliminating the need to type your questions into the TV’s web browser search box. With the remote, on the other hand, you can easily access the TV’s settings and options at the press of a button. Android TV smartphone apps are usually purely for convenience. In case you lose or break the remote control, you can use the app on your smartphone instead.

There’s no question that the TV is an important appliance for many Filipinos, and even if our lifestyles change, the television will continue to be one of the most important appliances in our homes. With Android TV enhancing our television and on-demand streaming experiences, you can rest assured that the way media is delivered and how we engage with it will only get better.

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