6 Home Gifts That Newlyweds Will Appreciate

Have you been invited to a wedding celebration of a family member or friend? If so, you’re in for an exciting time. After all, Filipino weddings are festive and one-of-a-kind. There’ll be music, laughter, and tons of good food. You’ll celebrate with the bride and groom, exchange stories with the guests, and experience many heartwarming moments.

As you prepare for this special occasion, searching for the perfect wedding present is probably high on your priority list. It’s easier if the couple has set up a wedding registry because you can simply select any item from the list of things they’ve picked out. But without one, shopping for a thoughtful wedding gift can be challenging. How can you decide on the best present among the countless options at department stores and online shops?

To help you out, we’ve rounded up practical wedding gift ideas that almost all couples need. From home appliances to bedroom essentials, here are six gift options that any bride and groom will appreciate having in their home as they start their new life together.

Microwave Oven

Because every married couple needs an effortless way to prepare meals, your best bet is to buy microwave oven. With this handy kitchen appliance, the newlyweds can prepare a wide variety of dishes any time of the day despite their busy schedules. Look for a mid-size countertop model, as it’s versatile, affordable, and takes up minimal counter space. Perhaps you can include a microwave cooking book to help the couple learn numerous hassle-free microwave recipes and make the most of your practical gift.

Quality Bath Towels

Soft, fluffy, and useful, the intertwining threads used for making towels also symbolize connection and lasting relationships. These are just some of the many qualities that make towels a fitting wedding gift. Opt for pieces in classic white made with Turkish cotton, as they are highly absorbent, feel great on the skin, and look luxurious. Maybe you can give them a personalized set to make them extra special.

Coffee Maker

If you’re looking for the best wedding present for coffee lovers, it’s hard to go wrong with a coffee maker. Besides helping the newlyweds save money on expensive brews from popular coffee shops, this gift conveys that you care enough to shop for something they’ll truly enjoy.

Perhaps you can purchase a coffee maker with a grinder to take your gift-giving to the next level. Or maybe you can throw in a set of cute couple mugs and a bag or two of Kapeng Barako, Robusta, or other local coffee varieties so the newlyweds can readily brew a fresh pot the morning after the wedding.

High-Quality Bed Sheets

Who wouldn’t love a soft, comfortable, and durable set of sheets? These bedroom essentials can improve sleep quality and make the bed cozier and more inviting. When shopping for the ideal bed sheets to give as a wedding gift, you may want to look for sets made with cotton. Unlike polyester fibers, cotton sheets are natural, ultra-soft, and breathable—perfect for the Philippine climate.

Thread count is another essential factor when choosing quality bed sheets. If you want something more reasonably priced, consider searching for 200-count combed cotton sets made by a reputable brand to ensure softness and a high-quality finish. As for color, muted hues such as white, beige, and cream are excellent options. These shades are timeless and classy and can blend well with other elements in the bedroom.

Air Purifier

If there’s one lesson that the COVID-19 pandemic taught the world, it’s the value of good health. That said, you may want to consider an air purifier for the couple’s bedroom as a wedding gift. This sensible item can help maintain good indoor air quality, remove unpleasant odors, and significantly reduce the presence of harmful particles in the air, like dust and other allergens.

When you give the newlyweds an air purifier, you are, in essence, giving them the gift of good health. Don’t forget to search for trustworthy brands and browse through legitimate customer reviews to purchase a good-quality air purifier that suits your budget.

Bed Tray

A sturdy and elegant bed tray is a wedding gift many guests tend to overlook, probably because it looks overly modest. But the truth is, every married couple can use a bed tray to help make their married life more fun, comfortable, and romantic.

For one, they can use it to serve breakfast in bed, especially during special occasions like birthdays and wedding anniversaries. For another, it can function as a laptop table so they can work or surf the internet from the comfort of their bed. They can even use the bed tray to hold their drinks and snacks while watching their favorite film or television series. Opt for a wooden or bamboo bed tray, as it’s more aesthetically pleasing, lighter, and more durable than metallic pieces.

The items above are some of the best wedding gift options you can give to family and friends, as they’re functional and can complement any home. Whether you choose a countertop microwave oven or personalized towels, the newlywed couple will most likely feel delighted to receive them. After all, they can enjoy your gift today and for years to come.

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