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Design a Better Kiddie Bedroom with These Tips

Designing your little one’s bedroom can be a fun and exciting time. You get to play with colors, explore different themes, and hone your creative skills. However, the task can also be tricky as there are plenty of things to consider. Besides determining the ideal floor space to accommodate your child’s various activities, you should also learn how to balance different elements to create a functional, comfortable, and versatile living space. After all, you want your child’s bedroom to serve them for many years.

Perhaps you’re looking for ideas on how you can make a bedroom that your kid will love now and that can readily evolve to meet their future needs. If so, we’ve got you covered. From selecting colors to maximizing space, below are several tips to help you create a better kid’s bedroom:

Make Comfort a Priority

Your child’s bedroom should be their safe space, where they can sleep peacefully, play to their heart’s content, and express their emotions freely. As such, you should ensure that their bedroom offers a cozy and delightful atmosphere, so they’ll enjoy spending time here. Perhaps you can buy a window type aircon instead of an ordinary electric fan to keep them comfortable. In a humid and tropical country like the Philippines, having an air conditioner in the bedroom is not a luxury but a necessity. Otherwise, your child will probably feel irritable and experience difficulty sleeping.

You may also want to add accent lighting to create a relaxing and aesthetically pleasing ambiance. Look for a night lamp in the shape of a teddy bear, a star, or other things that your child likes. When you consider your child’s preference in the design elements, there’s a great chance they’ll feel more comfortable and excited to use the room.

Think Ahead

Instead of designing your kid’s bedroom based on their current age, you may want to plan for how you can make the room relevant from childhood to adolescence before starting your project. That way, you can avoid the trouble and expense of redecorating or remodeling every few years. You can do several things to create a kiddie space that you can easily update as your little one grows.

For instance, you can invest in classic furniture pieces that your child can enjoy now and when they’re older. A bed with a solid frame, a quality adjustable desk and chair, and sturdy cabinets are some items you may want to consider since they work well regardless of age. You can also keep the décor and details of the room simple so that you can readily alter them when necessary. Avoid trendy pieces and stick to timeless elements that resonate with a child and someone slightly older.

Opt for Subtle Hues

Sure, your child may be obsessed with neon shades now, but their color preference will most likely change multiple times as they mature. If you want to avoid the physical and financial cost of repainting your kid’s bedroom over and over in a short period of time, it’s best to stick with subtle tones, like pastel colors and ecru white. What’s cool about pale colors is that they go well with just about anything. You can change the sheets, curtains, and decorative elements however you wish, and they’ll blend perfectly with the color of the room. Most importantly, pale hues can help your child relax and feel calm, which supports the primary function of a bedroom.

It’s worth pointing out that just because you choose pale shades for painting the walls doesn’t mean you can’t play with more vivid hues or make the room more fascinating for your child. If you want to add brightness and whimsical touches to the kiddie bedroom, try introducing colorful elements. Printed pillows and blankets, colorful artworks, brightly adding colored curtains, and other details in various shades and designs are some appealing options. Besides providing a splash of color and visual interest to the space, you can easily add and remove them to suit your child’s preference and age.

Make the Most of Every Space

Your child needs plenty of space to play, welcome friends, and do all sorts of activities. That’s why you should come up with different strategies to maximize space, especially when decorating a small area. Perhaps you can opt for a loft bed to create an extra room for a desk, play area, or reading nook underneath. You can also add hooks and mount storage cabinets and floating shelves on the walls to get more floor space. Investing in multi-purpose and space-saving furniture pieces and keeping the bedroom organized and clutter-free are other measures you may want to explore to make the most of your kid’s space.

We hope the tips above can help you considerably as you create a bedroom that your child will love and enjoy for many years. While the process may be slightly challenging since you have to consider multiple factors, it’s worth the effort, and you can involve your child to make it a unique bonding experience. Remember, you’re not just improving a mundane area in the house but creating a place that can impact your child’s growth, development, and overall well-being.

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