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Is It Time to Replace Your Cooking Range?

Your cooking range plays a central role in your kitchen and in your everyday life, especially if you like to cook at home. It’s important to have a reliable cooking range, as its absence can upend your daily routine as well as that of your family’s. If this appliance breaks down on a regular weekday, for example, you’ll probably end up spending more money on takeout or food deliveries until you can replace it. Should the unit fail or stop working while you’re preparing to host a get-together with friends or family members, however, it will likely cause you to experience plenty of stress and waste a lot of your time and effort.

If your trusty cooking range is getting up there in years or its performance has been unsatisfactory lately, it’s high time to prepare for its replacement and start setting a budget for the purchase of a new unit. Specifically, here are the tell-tale signs that you need to check out or buy cooking range options for your home soon:

Your Cooking Range Is Between 10 and 15 Years Old

A decent cooking range is an investment that should last you about a decade. After exceeding this threshold, the possibility that the unit will finally reach the end of its service life grows bigger each year. If your cooking range is more than 10 years old, it’s time to consider finding a replacement in case it retires soon. At this point, you have good reason to start shopping for a range model that will suit your current lifestyle better and have new features such as different cooking settings, precise temperature control, or self-cleaning modes. It’s also an option to buy this new range just so you have a unit on standby for when your old cooking range finally breaks down. In this way, you have a ready replacement at hand and don’t have to worry about disruptions to your plans.

Its Burners No Longer Heat Up Properly

The most important element of a gas or electric cooktop is its burners. The performance of this portion of the appliance can be impeded by dirt and debris buildup from years of use. If the flames of a gas cooktop are no longer even or blue and cleaning does not improve this condition, then the issue might require a closer inspection. If you have an electric cooktop and its burners are no longer heating up evenly or properly, then the issue may have been caused by rust and other signs of corrosion. Try following the troubleshooting steps indicated in the appliance manual. If this doesn’t work, then consider replacing the unit entirely.

The Control Panel Is No Longer Responsive

The control panel is essential to the proper operation of a cooking range, so it’s no wonder that this component is also quite expensive to repair and replace. If manipulating the buttons and knobs of your cooking range does not result in the appropriate response from the appliance, if the settings are slow to change, or if you feel like the panel does not give you adequate control of the cooking range, then think of getting a replacement appliance. Not being able to properly control the heating elements of your stove can lead to injuries and property damage in the long run, and you want to avoid both before they happen.

There Are Cracks in the Glass Components of the Unit

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Many cooking range models incorporate a lot of glass components for better functionality and aesthetics. Ovens, for example, often employ see-through glass to give users a better view of the dishes that they are cooking. If any of these glass components get cracked, replace the component first. After all, you don’t want broken glass anywhere near your food. You also don’t want to risk injuries and accidents. If the glass section cannot be removed or replaced, then it’s safer to let the old unit go and to purchase a new one.

To Repair or to Purchase a New Cooking Range Model?

If your cooking range is still fairly new and its warranty is still valid, then the best move is to bring the unit to its manufacturer and have them fix the issue. If the warranty no longer applies, then there are a few factors that you need to consider when deciding whether to repair your old unit or replace it with a new one.

If the unit is still well within its expected service lifespan and the component to be replaced doesn’t cost much, it might be practical to have it repaired and make the most of its remaining years. However, if the repair will cost a pretty penny, perhaps it’s better to invest in a new cooking range model with good warranty coverage. This way, you can get more mileage on your money and you won’t constantly ask yourself if your cooking range’s latest issues are just bumps on the road or if it’s retiring permanently.

Don’t wait until your cooking range is permanently out of commission before considering shopping for a new unit. If your cooking range is showing any of the signs on this list, start preparing yourself and your budget for the possibility that you’ll have to replace it sooner rather than later.

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