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Looking to step your home media viewing experience up a notch? Having a great TV or projector and screen simply isn’t enough. Immerse yourself in true-to-life audio while watching your favorite television shows and movies with a home theater system from Savers Appliances’ Audio Video – Home Theater category. We carry systems from some of the best brands on the market, including those from South Korean electronics giant LG Electronics. Check out our offerings today!

While a great TV or screen is integral to an excellent viewing experience at home, the phrase “home theater” actually refers strictly to audio components, contrary to popular belief. A typical home theater system includes a home theater receiver and speakers, including but not limited to a center speaker, right and left front speakers, right and left rear speakers, special effect or height speakers for Dolby Atmos-equipped devices and media sources, and perhaps a subwoofer or two. There are three distinct types of home theater systems that you can choose from, namely: pre-packed home theater systems, also known as home-theater-in-a-box, a home theater system made up of separate components, and a custom-built and installed home theater.

With Savers Appliances’ selection of home theater systems, you can experience stunningly lifelike audio quality while watching your favorite television shows and movies. Check out our Audio Video – Home Theater category for our current offerings.

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