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If you’re looking for great deals on home and kitchen appliances, there’s no better place than Savers Appliances. We live up to our name in providing top-quality, but affordable items for our Filipino customers. There are awesome promos to be had in our store for household essentials like washers, refrigerators, air conditioners, and more. Don’t miss out; always check for updates here on our website’s Great Deals section!

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Savers Appliances has been in business for more than 30 years, and through the years, it has become a trusted name in the dealership of home and kitchen appliances. One thing has remained consistent in our more than three decades of operation: our passion to bring you the very best deals. We know that appliances are often big investments for Filipinos—when you buy one, you want one for the long haul. That’s why we guarantee affordable prices for appliances and equipment you intend to use again and again.

Our general pricing for regular items is already very good. But on top of that, we also offer limited deals for products with significant discounts. To know which items you can buy at awesome discounted prices, browse our Great Deals page. Find the item you’re looking for, and grab it before supply runs out!

Count on Savers Appliances to get the best savings on air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, and more. There’s no other place to get the best deals on kitchen and home appliances!

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