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  • Hot: 420W
  • Cold: 520W
  • Top Load Water Dispenser
  • Cup Push Control


The American Home Water Dispenser AH20-M1950 is a quality product of American Home, a leader in the manufacturing of reliable kitchen appliances. Purchase this water dispenser for your home and enjoy hot and cold water on demand. Order online from Savers Appliances today and enjoy great deals, easy payment options, and efficient pick-up or delivery service.

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Providing easy access to hot or cold water on demand is a great step in ensuring that your family or the people you work with can stay hydrated no matter what the weather is. It’s also a great way for speeding up your daily routine. For instance, you can prepare a cup of coffee or tea in a shorter amount of time if you have an electric dispenser that’s capable of heating water. If you’re looking for this type of appliance for your home, the American Home Water Dispenser AH20-M1950 is a cost-effective option that can offer years of reliable service.

The AH20-M1950 weighs 11.3 kg, and its dimensions are 30.98 × 35 × 99 cm, so it will be easy to find a space for this appliance in your home or office pantry. The top load water dispenser has cold and hot water options, stainless hot and cold water tanks, and a large-capacity drip tray. Simply refill the unit when it’s empty and clean it periodically to ensure that you can access hot or cold water when you need to.

Purchase the AH20-M1950 on the Savers Appliances website or visit one of our physical stores to check out this unit and other water dispenser models. We accept cash-on-delivery, online payments, and bank transfers


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