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  • Enhanced Bass
  • Titanium Drivers
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • 24-Hour Playtime
  • Soundcore App
  • Carry Anywhere
  • Bluetooth 5.0

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    Enhanced Bass

In addition to the dual passive radiators, our exclusive BassUp technology has been upgraded so that it strengthens bass in real-time, even at low volumes.


    Titanium Drivers

Ordinary Bluetooth speakers use plastic drivers, whereas Soundcore 3 utilizes 100% pure titanium ones that are far more rigid. The resulting sound has treble that stretches all the way to 40kHz and enhanced clarity.

    IPX7 Waterproof

Perfect for listening anywhere where liquids are within reach—the waterproof casing protects the internal components of the speaker.


    24-Hour Playtime

Listen to your music and playlists for longer between charges thanks to Soundcore 3’s extended playtime.

    Soundcore App

Customize Soundcore 3’s sound by choosing from 4 preset EQ modes or create your own.


    Carry Anywhere

A compact build and a detachable hand strap let you take your Soundcore 3 Bluetooth speaker on all kinds of adventures.


    PartyCast Technology

Link 100+ Soundcore speakers with PartyCast compatibility via a single device to sync up music across all of them.


    USB-C Connection

Use the included USB-C cable to recharge Soundcore 3 Bluetooth speaker fast.


    Bluetooth 5.0

Soundcore 3 Bluetooth speaker utilizes the latest technology to provide an ultra-stable connection.

Do you love listening to music? Take your experience to the next level by adding the Anker SoundCore 3 B2C A3117011 to your setup. This portable speaker lets you play your favorite music anytime and anywhere. Best of all, it does so with incredible sound quality. You can purchase this amazing speaker here at Savers Appliances Philippines. Place an order today.

It’s easy to liven up the mood when you have a portable speaker like the Anker SoundCore 3 B2C A3117011. You can take it anywhere you go, thanks to its compact build and detachable hand strap. And if your adventurous spirit takes you to the beach, you can let the music play on because this speaker has a durable waterproof casing that protects all its internal components.

Don’t let its size fool you; this portable speaker really packs a punch with its sound quality. It has dual passive radiators that allow the device to produce exceptional sound, as if you’re listening using large speakers. The gadget also has Anker’s exclusive BassUp technology to strengthen its bass output even at low volumes. Additionally, this speaker produces sound with a fantastic treble that stretches up to 40kHz with enhanced clarity that complements the exceptional bass for such a compact device. The secret lies in its rigid titanium drivers, which are superior to the plastic drivers that ordinary Bluetooth speakers often come with.

When it comes to connectivity, you won’t have any issues with the SoundCore 3. It utilizes Bluetooth 5.0 to provide a stable connection with any of your mobile devices. Simply set up the pairing and you’ll be ready to share your love for music with your friends and family. Treat yourself to an Anker speaker and buy one from Savers Appliances today! You can also check out the other home and personal appliances for sale on our website. Simply place your order and you can expect your items to be delivered right to your doorstep with our nationwide delivery service.

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