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  • Gas Type
  • Burner Configuration: 4 Gas and 1 Wok Burners
  • Installed Gas Type: LPG
  • Integrated Ignition
  • Burner Plate Design: Stainless Steel
  • Cast-iron Pan Support
  • Stainless Steel

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For a cooktop that can accommodate heavy-duty cooking, consider a model like the Beko Built in Hob 60x51cm 4Gas Metal Burner Plate HIZG64120SX. Featuring four gas burners, integrated ignition, and extra support for cast iron pans, this built-in hob will get you a bang for your buck. Score one now from Savers Appliances Philippines’ online store!

Among all the kitchen appliances that you’ll buy in your lifetime, one of the most important is your cooktop. You’ll need to choose one that can accommodate all the cooking you do in your kitchen, which will likely increase as your household grows. You will also want a product that guarantees your safety, especially if you’ll be depending on gas to heat your cookware.

One product that you can consider for your next cooktop upgrade is the Beko Built in Hob 60x51cm 4Gas Metal Burner Plate HIZG64120SX, from the well-established Turkish brand Beko. This four-burner gas hob promises integrated ignition and powerful heating, as well as ample support for large and heavy cookware items like cast iron pans and woks.

The Beko HIZG64120SX’s automatic gas cut-off functionality will also make it perfectly safe to use in your kitchen. The hob’s gas safety feature will activate when one of its burner flames is briefly extinguished, for example, by wind or by a spillover from a boiling pot. This should give you peace of mind about dangerous gas leaks while you’re cooking.

You’ll find top-quality kitchen appliances like the Beko Built in Hob 60x51cm 4Gas Metal Burner Plate HIZG64120SX from Savers Appliances Philippines’ online appliances store. Buy it today at an awesome discount and pay with a credit card, bank deposit, or cash on delivery!

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Weight8.6 kg
Dimensions60 × 65 × 18 cm


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