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  • Cooling Capacity: 9,400 (3,240 – 10,800) kJ/hr
  • Power Consumption: 800 (250 – 1,050) Watts
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio: 11.8 (13.0 – 10.3) kJ/W-h
  • Thunder Surge Protection and Noise Filter
  • Fireproof Electrical Box
  • Double Clean System

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The heat in the Philippines can be quite oppressing, especially in the middle of summer. Cool your home or workplace by purchasing a trusty air conditioning unit from the renowned brand Carrier. The Carrier FP-53GCVBE010-303P Alpha Series Split Type Aircon Inverter 1HP is a perfect choice when you want to escape the heat while keeping your cooling costs at the minimum. This model uses inverter technology, reducing its energy needs while maximizing the performance you can expect from it.

The Carrier FP-53GCVBE010-303P Alpha Series Split Type Aircon Inverter 1HP is a unit that’s designed for consistent cooling and easy maintenance. This air conditioner comes with a timer and remote so that you can quickly set it to the right conditions. Find more units from the trusted brand Carrier on Savers Appliances today.

The refrigerant used in the split series FP-53GCVBE010-303P, R32, also has zero ozone depletion potential and lower global warming potential. And in addition to being more environment-friendly than other aircon units, the model is also designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. It has a fire-proof electrical box and protection against surges due to thunderstorms. Additionally, it’s coated with aqua resin, a material that prevents oil, water, and dust particles from sticking to the unit, and it’s capable of self-cleaning. This means you don’t have to worry about dust or mold growth in your air conditioner as long as you maintain it properly. Finally, the FP-53GCVBE010-303P is designed to operate as quietly as possible. This will make it a great fit in the office or areas in the home where you want to enjoy peace and quiet.

Savers Appliances carries a wide range of Carrier-branded air conditioning models that will fit the home and workplace. Order the FP-53GCVBE010-303P from our website or one of our physical stores today and enjoy quick and easy shopping experiences and convenient delivery or pickup options.

Self Cleaning Function

Reduce the humidity that causes mold to form inside the air conditioner unit.

Aqua Resin Coated

Prevents water, dust, and oil formation from sticking to the unit.

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Weight29 kg
Dimensions78.5 × 29.4 × 88.2 cm
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