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  • Recommended Cooling Area: 10 to 13 sqm.
  • Cooling Capacity: 7,000 kJ/hr
  • Power Consumption: 670 Watts
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio: 10.4 kJ/W-hr
  • Width x Height x Depth 470 x 330 x 605  mm
  • Net Weight: 28.3 kg.
  • Shipping Weight: 29 kg.


Keep your home cool as can be even in the heat of summer in the Philippines by purchasing the Carrier Aura Window Type Aircon w/ Remote .75HP WCARJ008EE. The unit will make a great addition to a small bedroom, office, or study area. Buy it on the Savers Appliances website today and enjoy great savings! We deliver nationwide.



The addition of an air conditioner to your home can help ensure that your family members can stay comfy despite the typically hot or humid weather in the Philippines. The Carrier Aura Window Type Aircon w/ Remote .75HP WCARJ008EE is a suitable option for a small room such as a bedroom, home office, or study area. This reliable air conditioning unit is a quality product of Carrier, a brand that’s well-known for manufacturing cooling and heating solutions for commercial and residential applications.

The WCARJ008EE is recommended for areas that measure 10 to 13 cubic meters, and it has a cooling capacity of 7,000 kJ/hr. The unit features different cooling modes such as Econo, Sleep, and Timer, so you’ll have an easy time finding the most suitable settings for when you need to sleep, work, or study. Another advantage of choosing the WCARJ008EE over other models is that the unit features an 8-in-1 filter technology that neutralizes free radicals and removes volatile organic compounds from the air. This means that your family members can breathe cleaner air even while indoors.

Get the WCARJ008EE from Savers Appliances today or visit one of our physical stores to see air conditioning units that are built for smaller rooms. We provide delivery and pick-up services for online transactions, and we also accept COD, online payments, and bank transfers.

Control and Comfort with Ease

Aura’s fully remote controlled feature, allows you to set the temperature and different cooling settings: Econo, Sleep, and Timer. Combined with Carrier’s Tried, Tested, and Trusted quality, delivers superior cooling for a wide range of spaces to provide the comfort you deserve while working or studying at home.

Exceptional Energy Efficiency

With its 24-hr timer, enjoy maximum savings with Carrier Aura’s excellent energy efficiency ratio of 11 kj/WH for Non-inverter models, and 11.7 kj/WH for Inverter models, engineered with quality and proven expertise.

Sleek and Stylish Design

8-in-1 Air Filter Technology

A Bamboo extract with bacterial and viral deactivation properties. Neutralizes free radicals and converts “active oxygen” to oxygen, preventing increase of melanin which causes dark spots on skin.

Removes volatile organic compounds, bacteria, and removing gas, smoke and odor from the air.

Antiviral/antioxidant qualities with deodorizing features and an anti-bacterial property.

Helps eliminate bacteria, viruses and molds. Help reduce agents that can cause allergic reactions.

Prevents the formation of molds and other fungi that causes allergies, infections and toxicity. It also removes larger solid particles and dust.

A Touch of Style

Elevate your home’s design with Carrier Aura’s clean lines, and modern aesthetic, the comfort you deserve for that first home investment, in a sleek package.

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Weight29 kg
Dimensions51 × 62.5 × 37 cm
Aircon Capacity

Aircon Technology


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