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  • Air Cooled Standard Pipe Configuration
  • Cooling Capacity: 37,980 kJ/Hr
  • System Power Input: 3,920 Watts
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio: 9.7 kJ/W-Hr

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Higher Savings = Higher Payback

Easy to Maintain Draw Through System Design. No electrical components will be compromised when cleaning the unit. The unit can be cleaned in less than an hour.

High Cooling Performance. The unit uses specially designed lanced sine wave fins and rifled tubing resulting in greater coil efficiency, providing faster and cost efficient cooling.

Superior Air Distribution. Cools room faster; Feel cold air up to 6 meters.

Strong and Robust. The unit is built from strong casing material and robust parts ensuring long lasting reliable operation.

Condensing Flexibility. The unit can be matched with standard pipe or long pipe air-cooled system or water-cooled condensing unit.

Cost Efficient. Unit is equipped with an efficient compressor that lets you save on electricity cost.

Factory-Installed Safety Devices. You can rely on your unit to work according to your needs and you can be assured of a worry-free operation.

Anti-Rust Design. Ensures optimum resistance to corrosion. Prolongs the life and cooling efficiency of your unit.

Easy Access Air Filter. Air Filter can be easily accessed and cleaned.

Multiple Fan Speed. Allows you to operate fan speed at your desired setting.


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