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Key Specs:

  • 1,725 Watts
  • Cooling Capacity: 18,900 kJ/hr
  • EER: 11 kJ/W-hr
  • Recommended Cooling Area: 27 to 36sqm.


Don’t let the heat put a damper on your mood! Add the Carrier Split Type Aircon Optima2 2HP FP-53CGF018308-1 to your living and workspaces for an environment that’s cool, clean, and conducive to work or play. It’s easy on your budget, too, as it boasts the highest energy efficiency rating among non-inverter brands. Purchase it today here at Savers Appliances!!

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It’s difficult to stay focused when the heat feels oppressive and debilitating. Bring the Carrier Split Type Aircon Optima2 2HP FP-53CGF018308-1 into your home or workspace to provide a smart and efficient cooling solution without noise. Its ability to cool the room quickly brings instant relief from the heat and also helps to minimize your electricity consumption. That’s why this series is able to maintain the highest EER in its class!What makes this air conditioning design especially unique is the Follow Me function on its remote control. Built-in temperature sensors in the device allow for automatic setting adjustments to be made as you move to different areas of the room, assuring optimal comfort wherever you go.

Recommended for cooling areas up to 36 square meters, the Carrier Split Type Aircon Optima2 2HP FP-53CGF018308-1 is perfect for large living spaces or open-office layouts. And at just 11W per hour, you can stay cool and comfy without inflating your electric bill. Browse our appliances store to order now and take advantage of available deals. Card and COD payment options are available and we ship nationwide.

Carrier Optima High Wall split-type aircon provides powerful and energy-efficient cooling, and has the highest EER among non-inverter brands.

Helps you Save on your Electric Bill

Carrier Optima utilizes powerful motors with the ability to cool any space in a short amount of time, and yet save a good deal on electricity. With the highest Energy Efficiency Ratio among non-inverter brands, you get relaxed cooling with no worries on your electric bill!

Cleans the Air you Breathe

Because you spend a lot of time at home, your air has to be clean and safe. Unlike other non-inverter aircons, Carrier Optima keeps your air free from airborne bacteria and viruses.

Get a Cool Gentle Breeze Everywhere you Go

The Carrier Optima’s remote control comes with a built-in temperature control sensor integrated with the unit itself. When the Follow Me function is activated, the thermostat is regulated according to the temperature around the remote control. Then, the airflow direction is also adjusted to where the remote is located. A cool breeze virtually follows you wherever you are in the room!


Powerful and Quiet Cooling Comfort Cools your Space Quickly

The larger cross fan delivers a greater air blow distance, as well as bigger air flow volume. As powerful as it is, you still get lower sound levels with the Carrier Optima’s state-of-the-art noise reduction technology. Stronger cooling power plus less noise equals unsurpassed comfort!

Cools your Space Quickly

With its Optimized System Design, Carrier Optima is built with a more powerful yet compact compressor. Its additional cooling coils and 4-speed Turbo fan speed also ensure that cool air is distributed quickly and evenly throughout the room.

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Weight36.5 kg
Dimensions77.8 × 26 × 88.5 cm
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