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  • Power Consumption: 495W
  • Cooling Capacity: 5,000 kJ/hr
  • EER: 10.1 kJ/W-hr
  • Recommended Cooling Area: 7 to 9 sqm.


Keep your home cool and comfortable especially during the Philippine summer months with a new Carrier Optima Window Type Aircon .5HP WCARZ006EC1. This budget-friendly window type air conditioning unit comes with a wider horizontal vent than most conventional air conditioners. It provides stronger, more efficient cold air dispersion for wide rooms of up to 9 square meters. Buy it today from Savers Appliances!

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Finding a reliable air conditioning unit is crucial for families, especially during extremely hot days. But even while using an air con, it’s important to keep your energy consumption within your budget. Choosing the Carrier Optima Window Type Aircon .5HP WCARZ006EC1 can help families reduce their energy use significantly. When used with Carrier’s special energy savings plug, this air conditioning unit can save up to 40 percent more electricity.

Besides energy efficiency, it comes with a multi-pore air filtration system that keeps tiny particles of dust and other pollutants from being recirculated by air conditioning unit. This results in better indoor air quality while keeping the home’s temperature levels cool. Improved air quality will benefit family members who may be sensitive to allergens like dust, pollen, and animal dander. Moreover, it uses an environment-friendly refrigerant called R410A, making it a more eco-friendly air conditioning option compared to other products in the market.

It’s not every day you’ll find affordable, high-quality appliances for sale that’s energy efficient with eco-friendly features. To maintain your home’s cool air temperature while saving on electricity, choose the Carrier Optima Window Type Aircon .5HP WCARZ006EC1. Order today at Savers Appliances and score the best deals!

Get as Much as 40% Additional Energy Savings when used this window type aircon with the energy savings plug.

Enjoy its cooling comfort with 20% wider air distribution vs. conventional air conditioners because of its wide horizontal vent allowing wider distribution of cool air throughout the room.

Carrier Optima Green Aircon Uses Multi-pore Air Filter with very fine fibers that doesn’t allow dust & pollution to penetrate.

In terms of affordability, ease of maintenance, and user-friendliness, there are few options better than a standard window-type aircon. This air conditioner, whose components all lie in one unit, is the type that is seen in most Filipino homes. The most up-to-date window-type air conditioners, like those from a trusted brand like Carrier, are also built for maximum durability and energy efficiency. One model that exemplifies all of those qualities is the Carrier Optima WCARZ006EC1 Window Type Aircon 0.5HP.

In line with Carrier’s intent to release more environmental-friendly products, the Carrier Optima WCARZ006EC1 consumes an eco-friendly refrigerant called R410A. When used with its energy savings plug, this aircon can save up to 40% more energy for its owner. Power is also a strength of this simple window-type air conditioner. The design of its horizontal vent allows it to blast cold air throughout a wide area. Lastly, this model’s filtration system is built to resist dust buildups and pollution from very fine particles. Its multi-pore air filter prevents even tiny particles from coming through. Overall, this will preserve your indoor air quality as well as maintain a comfortable indoor air temperature for you.

You can get a great deal on the affordable Carrier Optima WCARZ006EC1 Window Type Aircon 0.5HP at Savers Appliances. We also ship nationwide to any address in the Philippines. Simply order online and wait for us to deliver your item to you. Keep your home cool and fresh with a new Carrier Optima WCARZ006EC1 from Savers Appliances!

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