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  • Cooling Capacity: 7,500 – 18,750 kJ/hr
  • Power Consumption: (*1,311) 710 – 1,785 Watts
  • EER: 14.3
  • Eco Friendly Refrigerant R410A
  • Smart Plug
  • Sleep Mode
  • With Remote
  • Blue Fin protection
  • Dehumidifying Feature
  • Run Hour Timer
  • Cycle Function
  • Econo Feature


Sasa Filter

Carrier window type aircon inverter has Sasa filter, a bamboo extract that has bacterial and viral deactivation properties.

Vitamin C Filter

Neutralizes free radicals and coverts “Active Oxygen” to Oxygen. Thus, preventing the increase of melanin which causes dark spots on skin.

Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon and Zeolite are natural earth minerals that have the ability to remove volatile organic compounds and bacteria. Also helpful in removing gas, smoke, and odor from the air.

Anti-mold Filter

Prevents the promotion of molds and other fungi that may adversely affect health through allergies, infections and toxicity. It also removes larger solid particles and dust.

Real Time On/Off Timer

Allows you to program the unit to go ON or OFF at a pre-set time.

Energy Savings Plug

If used together with the Econo feature the electric fan automatically switches ON once the unit turns OFF.


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