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  • Cooling Capacity: 9,000 kJ/hr
  • EER: 10.6
  • Power Consumption: 850W
  • Recommended Cooling Area: 13 to 17 sqm.


Are you looking for a powerful window-type aircon that you can trust to beat the heat? If so, consider the Carrier WCARZ010EC1 Window Type Aircon 1HP. This model showcases Carrier’s leadership in the air conditioning industry through its durability, cooling power, and eco-friendliness. Get yours today at a great price only here at Savers Appliances!

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When it comes to air conditioning brands, US manufacturer Carrier is one of the world’s undisputed leaders. With over 100 years of experience, Carrier knows the formula for excellent air conditioning products that customers trust. One of its signature offerings is its line of environmentally friendly window-type air conditioners, the Carrier Optima. If you would like a window-type model that’s at least 1 HP, be sure to check out the Carrier WCARZ010EC1.

The Carrier WCARZ010EC1 Window Type Aircon 1HP sports all the advantages of a window-type air conditioner in that it’s versatile, easy to install, and a breeze to use. The difference between this model and others, however, is its powerful but economical performance. Part of it can be attributed to smart design, such as in the horizontal vent of the aircon. This makes the Carrier WCARZ010EC1 capable of up to 20% wider air distribution than other aircon of its type. Another great quality of the Carrier WCARZ010EC1 is its energy efficiency and use of an eco-friendly refrigerant. When paired with an energy-saving plug, this model will achieve for you up to 40% more energy efficiency, and thus major savings on your next electric bill. Lastly, the Carrier WCARZ010EC1 has a multi-pore air filtration system that prevents the buildup of dust and fiber residue. You and your family can enjoy good indoor air quality, free of pollutants, as well as indoor cooling performance that relieves you from the heat.

Look no further than Savers Appliances for an awesome discount on the Carrier WCARZ010EC1 Window Type Aircon 1HP. If you order online, we can ship directly to your address in the Philippines. Shop for the Carrier WCARZ010EC1 at Savers Appliances now!

Get as Much as 40% Additional Energy Savings when used this window type aircon with the energy savings plug.

Enjoy its cooling comfort with 20% wider air distribution vs. conventional air conditioners because of its wide horizontal vent allowing wider distribution of cool air throughout the room.

Carrier Optima Green Aircon Uses Multi-pore Air Filter with very fine fibers that doesn’t allow dust & pollution to penetrate.

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