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Carrier Premium Inverter 1.5HP FP-53CVGS013

EER: 15.8-11.1

Split Type

Eco Mode

Refrigerant R410A

Anti Corrosion Coating

Pre-Set Function

Condense Piping Design

Unique Magic Coil

Nano Silver Technology

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Nano Photo Copper

  • Strong deodorizing power
  • Prevents mould formation


Nano Zinc

  • Some antibacterial and anti-fungal effects
  • Enhances deodorizing effect


High Power Operation

Automatically controls the room temperature and airflow, to cool
the room fast.​

On and Off Timer

Allows the user to see the exact time the unit should turn on/off. It can be set to work on a daily basis.

Auto Restart

Restarts the air conditioning unit after a power failure.

Temporary Operation

In case the remote control is misplaced or discharged, the unit can still operate at the pre-set temperature of 24°C using the emergency button of the indoor unit.


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