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  • EEF: 463
  • R600A
  • Direct Cool
  • Manual Defrost
  • Stylish Design


Store food and keep them fresh in the energy-saving Condura Two Door Refrigerator Inverter 8.5 Cu.ft. CTD800MNi. This fridge is designed with more space to store more fresh produce and food items. With its Direct Cool feature, it ensures your food is kept cold to prevent the refrigerator’s contents from spoiling. The Condura Negosyo Inverter technology also helps reduce your refrigerator’s power bill. Purchase it today from Savers Appliances!

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Invest in a stylish high-quality refrigerator for your home. The Condura Two Door Refrigerator Inverter 8.5 Cu.ft. CTD800MNi comes with hidden handles and is designed to go well with any modern kitchen. When it comes to function, it features two large compartments that allow you to organize and store food items while keeping them in chilled compartments. It also features Condura’s proprietary Negosyo Inverter technology plus a high energy efficiency factor, which are energy-saving features that help keep the refrigerator working at optimal levels without consuming huge amounts of energy.

Another energy-saving feature is the refrigerator’s LED light. It provides brighter light with less heat compared to other refrigerators that use common fluorescent lamps. Furthermore, this refrigerator is designed with a large rack and freezer, perfect for storing more food items. Thus, it is an ideal fridge for homeowners running a small business, such as a neighborhood convenience store.

For a stylish and energy-efficient refrigerator, choose the Condura Two Door Refrigerator Inverter 8.5 Cu.ft. CTD800MNi today. If you’re looking for a complete appliances store with a large inventory, look no further than Savers Appliances. Order now to get high-quality appliances for your home.

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Weight45 kg
Dimensions23 × 21.65 × 65.7 cm
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