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  • Power Consumption: 585W
  • EER: 12 kJ/W-hr
  • Cooling Capacity: 7,000 kJ/hr
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 470 x 354 x 520 mm


Cool down and relax at home with a new Condura Window Type Aircon .75HP WCONZ008EC1. If you need a high-quality air conditioning unit that can decrease your electricity bill, this is an energy-saving option you should get today from Savers Appliances. It even comes with an antibacterial air filter that helps maintain excellent indoor air quality. This air conditioning unit also features a timer to help alternate your air conditioning use per day.

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While staying cool is important, especially during the summer, many homeowners worry about their electricity bill when they frequently use an aircon. This is why you should invest in an energy efficient air conditioning unit, such as the Condura Window Type Aircon .75HP WCONZ008EC1 to save on your power bill. This is designed with Condura’s energy savings plug, which affords homeowners up to 40 percent power savings. To regulate air conditioning use at home, you can even take advantage of its timer settings to make sure your aircon is only used as needed.

Besides cutting energy costs, choosing this air conditioning unit is also good for the environment. It uses an eco-friendly R410A refrigerant, which does not have any negative effects on the ozonosphere. Furthermore, it features an antibacterial indoor air filter which traps and deodorizes dust and other impurities to clean the air in your room.

When it comes to a reliable, energy-saving air conditioner that won’t break the bank, choose the Condura Window Type Aircon .75HP WCONZ008EC1. To find great deals, order now at a complete appliances store such as Savers Appliances.

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Dimensions67 × 54.1 × 41.3 cm
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