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  • Main Colour: White
  • Voltage (V): 220-240V


Staying hydrated is easy with the Electrolux Bottom Loading Water Dispenser EQAXF01BXWP. No need to lift heavy water bottles over your shoulder, thanks to the smart bottom loading design. Your drinking water will always be fresh and clean, at the perfect temperature that you need. Purchase it now here at Savers Appliances Philippines!

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Drinking at least eight glasses of water is recommended for optimal health, and it’s easier to keep the habit when water is available as you need it. The Electrolux Bottom Loading Water Dispenser EQAXF01BXWP is convenient for providing a cold, refreshing drink or dispensing hot water for coffee or tea. It even has a room temp option for those who want tepid water to aid their digestion.

Unlike other water dispensers, this unit has a bottom-loading design that makes it a lot easier to refill as you won’t need to lift heavy water bottles. Simply slide a fresh bottle into the fridge compartment and apply the pump. This sleek design hides unsightly water bottles from view, which makes it a great option for professional settings. For home use, the compartment features a child safety lock to prevent small children from tampering with the appliance. Additionally, the bottom load design makes this more stable than top-load options, making it difficult to topple over.

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