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  • 8.0 kg. Front Load Dryer
  • Less Wrinkles, Effortless Elegance
  • Reverse Tumbling Technology


Say hello to the Electrolux Washing Machine Frontload Dryer 8kg EDV805JQWA and goodbye to the smell of damp clothes! This dryer uses a special technology that minimizes clothing wrinkles while protecting colors from fading. It is energy-efficient, too, so you can keep your electric bill down. Opt for smarter laundry solutions, available at Savers Appliances Philippines.

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When the rainy season comes, you don’t want to be stuck with dirty laundry just because you’re waiting for the sun to come out. Get your laundry done and dry whenever you need it with help from the Electrolux Washing Machine Frontload Dryer 8kg EDV805JQWA. Aside from being able to perform basic dryer functions, it’s your perfect partner for extending the lifespan of your clothes because of its fabric-saving technologies.

Its ability to alternate between clockwise and counterclockwise drum movements makes it gentler on fabrics and helps prevent items from getting tangled. This also reduces clothes wrinkling by 32% and saves you from having to iron them. Inside the dryer chamber, a Smart Sensor measures the humidity and stops the process when clothes are dry. This helps to protect fabric from overexposure to heat, which can cause shrinkage and color fading. This precision drying is also more energy-efficient, saving you up to 6% on energy usage.

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Less Wrinkles, Effortless Elegance

Alternate clockwise and anti-clockwise drum movements reduce clothes tangling and result in up to 32% less wrinkles. There’s less need for ironing too, so fabrics look newer for longer. 32% less wrinkles vs line drying – tested and certified by THTILess wrinkles, effortless elegance

Superior Colour Care

Confidently dry your clothes in Electrolux dryers for up to 80% better colour care after 52 cycles, so your favourites look and stay vibrant for longer. 80% less colour fading vs sun drying – tested and certified by UL.

Superior colour care

Fabric Quality Protected, No Over-drying

Our Smart Sensor customises drying time for precise care. Humidity sensors make sure nothing is ever over-dried, so fabric quality is always protected.

Fabric quality protected, no over-drying

Delicate Drying, Energy Saving

Experience optimum drying performance, even at lower temperatures. Not only could you save up to 6% in energy usage, but your clothes will be protected, too. 6% energy saving vs previous model

Delicate drying, energy saving

Perfect Pairing for a Seamless Look

Fit your dryer wherever you want it – either next to, or on top of your washer, using a stacking kit. Pair this dryer with Electrolux UltimateCare™ 500 front load washer for a seamless look.

Perfect pairing for a seamless look


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Weight32 kg
Dimensions65 × 63.5 × 87 cm
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