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  • Oven Capacity (L): 30
  • Numbers of Power Levels: 5
  • Microwave Power (W): 1000
  • Push Bottom+Knob+Digital


Shop for a new microwave oven for your home today on Savers Appliances. The Electrolux Microwave Oven Semi Digital 30L EMM-30D510EB is a great choice if you’re looking for a unit with large capacity and compact design. See the unit in person or order it online from Savers Appliances and have it delivered to your address in the Philippines. We accept COD, bank transfer, and online payment.



Living a fast-paced lifestyle often leaves people with so little time to prepare a fresh, hearty meal every time they need one. Thankfully, microwave ovens provide an easy way for people in a hurry to heat their meals quickly in their kitchen or office pantry. The Electrolux Microwave Oven Semi Digital 30L EMM-30D510EB fulfills this purpose and so much more. This semi-digital microwave oven has a large capacity of over 30 liters, making it a convenient option if you simply want to heat your food or if you want to cook a large batch of your favorite dishes to share with your family members or colleagues.

Get the EMM-30D510EB for your kitchen today and add new functionalities to your kitchen without needing a lot of countertop space. The unit has an automatic defrost setting for thawing frozen ingredients and an easy-to-clean cavity that requires minimal maintenance. It also has a larger glass turntable, which measures around 315 millimeters, giving you enough space to heat meals or cook dishes from scratch.

Visit a Savers Appliances store near you and find high-quality microwaves and Electrolux appliances for sale such as the EMM-30D510EB. You can shop online as well for added convenience. We provide delivery and pickup services to complete your online shopping experience.

Expertly Cook a Range of Cuisines with Ease

8 pre-set programmes intuitively apply the right time and power settings to expertly cook a range of different dishes with ease. Whether it’s fresh vegetables, a frozen meal, or a range of other dishes, Electrolux microwaves have you covered.

Expertly cook a range of cuisines with ease

Bigger Capacity with Compact Design

Slim-line design with large 30L capacity with gives you plenty of room for cooking all of your favourite dishes, whilst taking up less space on your counter-top.

Bigger capacity with compact design

Larger Dishes than Ever Before

Whether it’s a family-sized noodle soup or a larger-than-life portion of fresh greens, the 31.5cm glass turntable gives you the flexibility to cook larger dishes than ever before.

Larger dishes than ever before

From Frozen to Fresh, Quickly and Evenly

Thaw food quickly and evenly with the automatic defrost setting. This setting intuitively understands the correct amount of power and time needed to return your frozen ingredients to their fresh condition.

From frozen to fresh, quickly and evenly

Wipe-clean Cavity

Worry no more about stubborn drips or baked-on splatters. The internal cavity is quick and easy to clean so you can always keep your microwave oven spotless without having to scrub.

Wipe-clean cavity

60min Cooking Duration Has you Covered

60 minute cooking time with audible end alarm is perfect for when you need to cook a dish for a long duration.

60min cooking duration has you covered


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