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  • Washing Capacity (kg): 8kg
  • Child Lock
  • Spin Speed (rpm max): 1200
  • Delicates Programme
  • Quick 20 Programme
  • Daily 60 Programme
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Energy saving up to 70%

Energy Saving Up to 70%

Our UltraEco System allows washing programmes to run on lower power, giving you superior washing results in cold water with up to 70% energy saving. The low power consumption means you can wash your clothes without the worry of hefty utility bills.

Conveniently add forgotten clothes

Conveniently Add Forgotten Clothes

The Add Clothes function gives you the flexibility to quickly add forgotten clothes up to 15 minutes after the start of a wash cycle. That way, you never have odds and ends left over after doing laundry.

Variable wash time for better care

Variable Wash Time for Better Care

Quick 20 wash cycle delivers a quick 20 minutes wash suitable for your everyday fabrics. The Daily 60 which is good for larger load, allows you the freedom to select your wash temperatures so you have the full adaptability to do laundry on your terms.

Variable soil level option for better care

Variable Soil Level Option for Better Care

Choose from 3 selectable soil level option that let you decrease or increase the washing program duration based on how dirty your cothes are. With this flexibility, not only you save time and energy, you also prolong the life of your clothes by minimizing overwashing.

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Weight43 kg
Dimensions64 × 63 × 86 cm
Washer Capacity

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