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  • Gas cooktop is ideal for high heat stir-frying.
  • Large electric oven to cook for a crowd.
  • 4 functions to perfectly bake, roast, or grill.
  • Rotisserie turnspit roasts chicken to perfection.
  • Compact design for a perfect fit in every kitchen.
  • Cast iron supports keep pots and pans stable.
  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel and enamel surfaces

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cooked vegetables

High power for added crunch

Give your cooking an extra boost of heat with the powerful gas cooktop, perfect for stir-frying crunchy vegetables or tasty rice and noodles.

whole roasted chicken

Cook for a crowd

A generous oven capacity makes it easy for you to serve up delicious, hot dishes at the same time when cooking for family and friends. The electric oven ensures that everything from crisp roast chicken to delicate meringues are cooked quickly, evenly, and safely.

3 different dishes

Adapt to your cooking style

Four different functions allow you to adjust the oven heat to your cooking needs by using the top or bottom elements independently or combining both for faster browning or roasting.

roasted chicken

Roast to perfection

Use the rotisserie turnspit to make the perfect roast chicken with a crisp outside and delicious juicy centre.

counter top

Slimline style

With sleek, slimline, and stylish design, Electrolux freestanding cookers fit neatly into kitchens of all shapes and sizes. With functional all-in-one cooking, you can roast, bake, simmer, fry and grill your way to great tasting food with just one flexible appliance.


Durable quality

Sturdy cast iron supports ensure that your pots and pans are stable while cooking.


You don’t need a large kitchen to house a state-of-the-art multifunctional cooktop. The Electrolux Free Standing Cooker 3Gas Burner w/ Gas Hob 50cm.62L. Elec.Oven EKG5302X’s compact design features multiple gas burners and an electric oven to ensure that you can whip up sumptuous meals any way you like. Order yours from Savers Appliances Philippines now!

Do you love to cook for a crowd but feel stifled by limited kitchen space? Then you’ll want to invest in a small but powerful cooktop like the Electrolux Free Standing Cooker 3Gas Burner w/ Gas Hob 50cm.62L. Elec.Oven EKG5302X. This multipurpose range combines the high-heat cooking capabilities of a gas stove with a high-capacity electric oven that’s perfect for baking, roasting, and grilling.

Furthermore, the Electrolux Free Standing Cooker 3Gas Burner w/ Gas Hob 50cm.62L. Elec.Oven EKG5302X is not only compact enough to fit in every kitchen, but also a breeze to clean and maintain. The stovetop’s cast-iron supports will keep your pots and pans steady and help prevent slip-ups and spills while you cook. You should also have no problem cleaning the unit’s smooth enamel and cast-iron surfaces between uses.

Savers Appliances Philippines is your one-stop shop for any and all appliances you might need for your home or business. Order the Electrolux Free Standing Cooker 3Gas Burner w/ Gas Hob 50cm.62L. Elec.Oven EKG5302X or any other of our top-notch appliances for sale online and you can pay for your purchase via bank deposit, credit card, Paypal, or cash-on-delivery.

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