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  • TasteSeal keeps fish for 7 days* without freezing.
  • TasteLock keeps vegetables fresh for 7 days*.
  • EvenTemp reduces temperature fluctuations.
  • TasteGuard keeps your fridge smelling fresh.
  • Twist and Serve is perfect for ice.

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salmon fish

Fresh meat and fish, all week

Tender meat and delicious seafood, always stored and cooked from fresh. The TasteSeal compartment maintains a consistent temperature of -2°C to keep your best ingredients in prime condition for up to 7 days* without freezing. This means that you can always cook from fresh to serve meat and seafood that is juicy in texture, bright in colour, and delicious in taste.


Fresh fruit and veg, all week

TasteLockAuto maintains a humid environment to keep fruit and vegetables fresh and bursting with flavour for up to 7 days.* A membrane automatically releases excess moisture to reduce condensation and stop your produce from spoiling early.


fruits and vegetables

Eventemp. Tasty food.

EvenTemp keeps your food tasty for longer by minimising temperature fluctuations. By cooling each shelf individually, a consistent temperature is maintained throughout the entire compartment, preserving taste and texture for longer.

whole fish

Clean, hygienic storage

TasteGuard uses a carbon filter to keep your fridge fresh, hygienic and free from unwanted odours* that can change the taste and smell of your food.



Twist. Serve. Enjoy.

The Twist and Serve ice maker allows you to conveniently store cubed ice for your favourite cold drinks. Simply fill the ice tray with water, let it freeze, and then twist the knob to release the cubes into the storage container. Perfect for when you want to enjoy the taste of a refreshing cool drink with friends.

ice,berries and fish

Freeze your favourite flavours

The spacious freezer allows you to store your favourite foods in bulk, as well as plenty of ice for refreshing cool drinks.

The Electrolux Ref 2Door Top Freezer Inverter Gloss Black 8.7cu.ft. ETB2502J-H is a sleek refrigerator that offers more than its good looks. This model is designed to offer generous compartments and maintain a consistently cool temperature. Order one today from Savers Appliances Philippines and keep your food and ingredients as fresh and nutritious as they can be for as long as possible.

The Philippines is a tropical country, and there are days that can get quite hot here. How does your refrigerator fare on these days? If its temperature fluctuates or its contents don’t get cold enough, then it might be a good time to upgrade to the Electrolux Ref 2Door Top Freezer Inverter Gloss Black 8.7cu.ft. ETB2502J-H. This two-door refrigerator has a lot of space for your food items, and it’s designed to maintain consistent temperatures to keep food safe from spoilage.

No matter if you’re keeping meat, fish, fruit and veggies, or cooked food in the Electrolux ETB2502J-H, you can count on the fact that these ingredients will be in excellent condition for a long time. The model features TasteSeal technology, which keeps fish fresh and prevents it from freezing for a week. It also has TasteLock, which keeps vegetables and fruits in a cool but humid environment. What’s more, the model has a built-in ice maker and carbon filters that prevent unpleasant odors from spreading through its compartments.

Buy the Electrolux ETB2502J-H from Savers Appliances today and enjoy the use of a refrigerator you can truly count on. Our appliances store offers pick-up and delivery services, and we also accept a variety of payment options. Shop for this refrigerator model today and enjoy fresher ingredients with every meal.

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