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  • 1-Door
  • Semi Auto Defrost
  • Net Capacity: 90 Liters
  • Warranty: 6 Years Compressor, 2 Years Parts and Labor


Looking for a practical way to store snacks, packed meals, and cold drinks? You’ll find a great solution in the Eurotek Personal Refrigerator 4 Cu.ft. EPR-100SS, which is ideal for spaces like bedrooms, living rooms, and offices. Buy one at an excellent discount at Savers Appliances, a leading appliance store in the Philippines. Shop now!

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If you’re shopping for a refrigerator that will be used in a kitchen, it makes sense to buy a bigger and more powerful model. After all, this is what you’ll be using to store a variety of cooking ingredients, as well as large jars, bags, and bottles. But you’ll need less space and power, as well as more economical if you’re buying a refrigerator for a living space or office. For those occasions, it’s best to buy a personal fridge to keep small items like soda cans, juice bottles, and packaged snacks handy.

One model that you can consider for your living room, bedroom, office pantry, or other similar space is the Eurotek Personal Refrigerator 4 Cu.ft. EPR-100SS. With a net capacity of 90 liters, it’s generous enough for day-to-day storage of food and drinks, but compact enough to fit into a small room. This refrigerator semi-auto defrost makes defrosting less of a chore, and its smooth metallic finish ensures no-fuss cleaning.

To get a Eurotek Personal Refrigerator 4 Cu.ft. EPR-100SS of your own, come shop at Savers Appliances. You’ll get great discounts when you buy at our appliances store. Shop now for this awesome new addition to your office or living space!

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Weight58.87 kg
Dimensions46 × 50.9 × 88 cm
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