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In the market for an affordable new twin tub washing machine in the Philippines? The Eurotek Twin Tub Washing Machine 9KG ETW-919W is a great option for a modest budget. This model boasts a large pulsator, an efficient air-dry spinner, and firm plastic construction. Get one for your household today at Savers Appliances!

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Many first-time buyers of a washing machine are intimidated by the prospect of getting one. The first image that may come to mind is that of a large, sophisticated, and expensive machine. But in today’s market, there are other washing machine options that are more affordable and are better-suited to small residential spaces, like apartments, dorms, or townhouses.

One such option is that of the twin tub washing machine, which takes its name from its dual washer and spin-dry tubs. As opposed to top load or front load washing machines, which have only one dedicated chamber for washing and drying, a twin tub machine allows the owner to do both at the same time. That dual function, as well as its space-saving, water-saving, and energy-efficient qualities make a twin tub washing machine a great investment for growing families.

Don’t know which brand or model to choose? If you’re on a tight budget, you can explore a model like the Eurotek Twin Tub Washing Machine 9KG ETW-919W. Its roomy washer and large pulsator will allow you to do more laundry per cycle and to wash your clothes more thoroughly. The washer and spin dryer are made of tough plastic material that will last you a long time. In addition, the machine’s base is treated with anti-rat coating to keep these pests away from your laundry area.

You can buy this sensible new twin tub washing machine at our online appliances store. Buy the Eurotek Twin Tub Washing Machine 9KG ETW-919W at a great discount from Savers Appliances now!

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