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  • Big Pulsator
  • Jumbo Wash Tub
  • Plastic Body
  • Anti Rat Base
  • With Normal and Heavy Wash Selector
  • 555 x 530 x 920mm

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There’s no reason for big laundry loads to become a big problem. The Eurotek Washer 8.5KG EWM-85BG is a top-notch solution to every large household’s laundry needs. Its large pulsator and jumbo tub enable you to wash a whole family’s worth of clothes, towels, and linens in a snap, leaving you with plenty of time for yourself and your loved ones. Order yours from Savers Appliances Philippines now!

Got a big household but limited time and energy for laundry? A high-performing washer like the Eurotek Washer 8.5KG EWM-85BG could be the answer to all your problems. This single-tub washer has a generous 8.5-kilogram washing capacity, a jumbo wash tub, and a powerful pulsator. These handy features enable it to clean even your largest laundry loads thoroughly in no time at all. Likewise, heavy dirt and stains won’t be a problem for this powerful machine, as you can toggle back and forth between normal and heavy wash modes depending on your needs.

The Eurotek Washer 8.5KG EWM-85BG also comes in a streamlined, no-nonsense white design that will help it blend in with any home. Its plastic body is highly durable and easy to clean, and its anti-rat base ensures that you won’t have to deal with pests getting into your family’s clothing. All told, this top-of-the-line washing machine should serve you and your family well for years to come.

Savers Appliances Philippines should be the first appliances store you visit if you’re looking to purchase the Eurotek Washer 8.5KG EWM-85BG and any other appliances for your home or business. In addition to a wide network of physical stores, we also have a user-friendly online storefront with multiple convenient payment methods, including Paypal, cash-on-delivery, and direct bank deposit.

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Dimensions60 × 60 × 90 cm


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