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  • 13 cu.ft. Solid Top Chest Freezer
  •  Dual Function – Freezer or Chiller
  •  Fast freezing mode
  •  Clean Back Design
  •  Frontal Temperature Control
  •  Side Drain
  •  Aluminum Inner Lining
  •  Grip Handle
  •  Key Lock
  •  Single Wire Basket
  •  Roller Feet
  •  216W Input Power

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Need a freezer that can store cold goods at the ideal temperature? Then look no further than the Fujidenzo Chest Freezer 13Cu.ft. FC-13ADF. This dual function appliance has chiller and freezer settings, plus a fast freezing mode so your perishable food items can stay fresh without being affected by the heat of the Philippines. Get this freezer today at Savers Appliances.

A chest freezer is a great investment for small businesses like home-based food production or mini groceries. Freezers like the Fujidenzo Chest Freezer 13Cu.ft. FC-13ADF are compact enough to fit into your kitchen or store area, while giving you enough space to store cold goods. You can also easily toggle between its dual functions with the freezer’s frontal temperature control, so you can either keep items chilled or frozen.

The inside of the Fujidenzo Chest Freezer 13Cu.ft. FC-13ADF is lined with aluminum to prevent odors from seeping through. It can also protect the freezer mechanisms from moisture and spilled liquids, thus ensuring reliable performance. The freezer’s deep dimensions allow you to have a lot of storage space while the wicker basket insert keeps small items organized and within easy reach.

The freezer has an all-white design that can suit your store’s interior. It also has a clean back design and a side drain, so cleaning it is easy and convenient. The solid top cover has a grip handle equipped with a locking mechanism, so you can secure the freezer contents and prevent incidents of theft.

Get this freezer at an appliances store like Savers Appliances and enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience with our convenient payment methods and nationwide shipping services.

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Weight61 kg
Dimensions67 × 124.5 × 91.5 cm
Refrigerator Capacity

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