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  • 142W
  • 10.5 Cu.ft. Dual Compartment Freezer & Chiller in One
  •  7 Cu. ft. Freezer Capacity
  •  3.5 Cu. ft. Chiller Capacity
  •  Fast Freezing Mode
  •  Double Recessed Handle – Both Sides & Front
  •  Roller Feet
  •  Frontal Temperature Control
  •  Clean Back Design


Does your household consume a lot of frozen goods on a weekly basis? Or do you own a small business in the Philippines that deals in frozen products like fresh meat, seafood, or ice cream? If the answer is yes to either question, the Fujidenzo Chest Type Freezer 10.5 Cu.ft. FRC-105A will be a rewarding investment. Get yours at a great discount here on Savers Appliances.

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When buying a new freezer for your home or commercial establishment, you have two viable options: the upright freezer, oftentimes paired with a refrigerator, and the chest freezer. An upright freezer provides a more familiar storage layout and doesn’t require you to bend your body just to find the item you want. But a chest freezer is more generous with space, and its reduced air circulation compared to an upright freezer keeps items from getting freezer burn.

That said, upright freezers may be the best choice for conventional households. But for large families, for restaurateurs, and for entrepreneurs who run a business that involves cold storage, the chest freezer is the ideal type of freezer to buy. The Fujidenzo Chest Type Freezer 10.5 Cu.ft. FRC-105A is one of the most sensible options that you have on the market.

The Fujidenzo Chest Type Freezer 10.5 Cu.ft. FRC-105A doubles as a freezer and chiller. That means you can use the freezer for items like ice, seafood, meat, and veggies and use the chiller to safely store liquids like beer. Aside from its hefty freezer and chiller capacity, this model sports a fast freezing mode and a frontal temperature control feature for precise cooling. Pulling the doors open won’t be any trouble at all thanks to its double recessed handles, located at the front and sides. And with its roller fleet and classic white finish, the Fujidenzo Chest Type Freezer 10.5 Cu.ft. FRC-105A is easy to transport and clean.

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Weight52 kg
Dimensions126.4 × 63.4 × 91.9 cm
Refrigerator Capacity


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