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  •  Energy Efficient Inverter Compressor
  •  3 Bottom Freezer Drawers
  •  Double Fresh Zone Drawers (Ref Crisper)
  •  Independent Temperature Control
  •  No-Frost
  •  ECO-Led Lights
  •  Spill-Proof Tempered Glass Shelves
  •  Recessed Handle
  •  Reversible Door
  •  Textured Body (Rust and Stain Resistant)
  •  Ice tray and Ice Cube Container
  •  170W Input Power
  •  Dimension (HxWxD): 188 x 60 x 63cm


If you’re in the market for a refrigerator with a bottom freezer, make the Fujidenzo HD Inverter Bottom Freezer 12 Cu.ft. IBM-12SS one of your top choices. It sports an energy-efficient inverter compressor, durable glass shelves, a ref and crisper combo, and three freezer drawers. Get a great deal for this spacious appliance on Savers Appliances, a leading appliance retailer in the Philippines!

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For most Filipino homeowners, the most intuitive refrigerator layout is the one that features the freezer on top and the refrigerator at the bottom. But there’s also the option of getting a refrigerator model with a reverse layout, or one with a bottom freezer. When you get used to this layout, it makes perfect sense. You won’t have to bend and strain your back to find items in your refrigerator, since most items will be at eye or chest level. Storing your frozen goods at the bottom of the appliance also means it’s easier for them to stay cold. Since warm air rises, your freezer would need to be more hardworking if the coldest items are at the top. Having a bottom freezer solves that problem.

If the idea of a bottom freezer appeals to you, you can consider a model like the Fujidenzo HD Inverter Bottom Freezer 12 Cu.ft. IBM-12SS. On top of the handy bottom freezer layout, this model also sports an inverter compressor, which allows the appliance to run with more precise temperature control. Other noteworthy features include its three spacious bottom freezer drawers and its spill-proof tempered glass refrigerator shelving. It sports a reversible door with easy-to-grip recessed handles and a textured body that keeps the appliance clean and free from rust.

You can buy this Fujidenzo HD Inverter Bottom Freezer 12 Cu.ft. IBM-12SS at a significant discount from Savers Appliances’ online appliances store. Reserve yours today before stocks run out!

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Weight67 kg
Dimensions61 × 59.5 × 187 cm
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