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Key Features:

  • Powerful Pulsator with Scrubbers
  •  Air Dry Spin Cycle
  •  Dual Inlet Hose
  •  Water Filter
  •  Wash & Drain Selector
  •  Durable See-Through Cover
  •  Rust-Proof Plastic Body
  •  Rat-Proof Base
  •  Dimensions (HxWxD): 34 x 29.5 x 15.5 in

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Laundry is easy and hassle-free with the Fujidenzo Twin Tub with Eco-Soak Wash Cycle 8KG JWT-801. Featuring a powerful pulsator and efficient scrubbers, this washing machine makes quick work of stubborn dirt and stains for guaranteed fresh and clean laundry. Meanwhile, the spin-dryer will effectively remove excess water from your clothes for faster drying and minus the musty smell of damp clothes.

This spacious washing machine can accommodate up to 8 kilos of laundry, helping you wash more in a shorter time. If you have a growing family or simply must wash plenty of clothes weekly or daily, then this washing machine is for you! This washing machine from Fujidenzo features a rust-proof body that’s made of durable plastic, with a rat-proof base to protect the wiring and keep your laundry hygienic. On top, it has clear see-through covers, allowing you to quickly see the progress of your laundry load. For a more streamlined design, Fujidenzo added a dual inlet hose to prevent overflow of water. This washing machine also has easy-to-use knobs to conveniently set the timer, wash cycle, and open and close the drain. With compact dimensions of only 34 x 29.5 x 15.5 in, this twin-tub washing machine is suitable for your limited laundry spaces.

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Weight95.4 kg
Dimensions77 × 49 × 89 cm


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