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  •  6.8 kg. Spin Dryer
  •  Stainless Steel Tub
  •  Air Dry
  •  Advanced Power Spin dry Technology
  •  Transparent Spin Timer Cover
  •  Super Quiet Spin
  •  With Dual Balancer for Stability
  •  Heavy Duty Design
  •  Rust-Proof Plastic Body
  •  Rat-Proof Base

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Do you want to dry your freshly-washed clothes faster? If your answer is yes, consider getting the Fujidenzo Spin Dryer Stainless Tub 6.8kg. JSD-681. It uses a powerful spin-dry technology to remove excess water from your laundry and speed up its drying time. The appliance also has a large compartment that can easily fit your weekly laundry load. Get one here in Savers Appliances Philippines.

Many people often get a washing machine so they don’t have to manually wash and scrub their clothes. This makes doing the laundry a lot easier, but that still leaves the problem of drying the wet clothes. For this purpose, a spin dryer like the Fujidenzo Spin Dryer Stainless Tub 6.8kg. JSD-681 should be part of your laundry must-haves.

This Fujidenzo appliance features advanced spin-dry technology to remove excess water from laundry loads weighing up to six kilos. Unlike tumble dryers, it doesn’t use heat while drying so it won’t shrink or cause damage to your garments. The lack of heat also makes using the Fujidenzo spin-dryer more energy-efficient, plus the super quiet spin function ensures that the appliance doesn’t create a lot of noise while in operation. All the components are housed in a durable plastic body with heavy-duty construction and rust-proof qualities, so you can rest assured the spin dryer will last you for a long time. It also has a rat-proof base to ensure pests won’t damage the appliance.

If you’re looking for a spin dryer that can speed up your laundry’s drying time, this Fujidenzo spin dryer is exactly what you need. Purchase it here at Savers Appliances and make sure to check out the other appliances for sale in our product catalog. Place your order today and get it delivered right to your doorstep with our nationwide delivery service.

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Weight39 kg
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