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  • Free Standing Cooking Range
  • Big Oven Capacity
  • Flexible Control
  • Multi-Function Settings
  • Flame Balance Distribution
  • Blue Flame
  • Button Ignition
  • Double Oven Glass Door
  • Tempered Glass Cover
  • Damping Hinge
  • Cast Iron

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Every modern kitchen upgrade deserves a Haier Cooking Range 4Gas Burner 50x50cm HFS-504G63GOBS. This free-standing cooking range is the perfect kitchen companion for passionate cooks and chefs. With 4 gas burners, you can cook multiple dishes in one go. What’s more, with a 63L capacity oven, this cooking range allows you to roast, bake, or grill to your heart’s content.

For Philippine parties and gatherings where you can showcase your culinary prowess, this cooking range shines. Whether you’re sautéing, frying, or boiling your ingredients, you can rely on this energy-efficient cooking range from Haier to have your back. It generates blue flames, which means you can cook faster with less gas. If savings and performance are important to you, this Haier cooking range is a clear winner. Flexibility is also an essential element in your kitchen, and this cooking range certainly delivers with its intuitive control panel and multi-function settings. Cook your favorite recipes from the internet and heirloom recipes from your grandmother with no issue. You can set the precision controls to achieve the right temperature for the dish you are cooking.

To ensure convenient and safe operation, this cooking range features a push-button ignition that eliminates the need for matches and lighters. Meanwhile, the oven comes with a double heat-resistant door to ensure you can view your dish in the oven to prevent it from burning. In addition, it comes with a damping hinge for a smooth and quiet oven operation and cast-iron grates for sturdy support for your pots and pans. In terms of aesthetics, this cooking range is ideal for modern and contemporary kitchens. It features a matte black finish with a sleek tempered glass cover that adds elegance while offering protection and easy cleanup.

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