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  • Italian Made Sabaf Burners
  • Rotisserie and Gas Grill
  • Big Oven Capacity
  • Multi-Function Settings
  • Flame Balance Distribution
  • Blue Flame
  • Button Ignition
  • Double Oven Glass Door
  • Tempered Glass Cover
  • Damping Hinge
  • Stainless Steel
  • Cast Iron
  • Net Oven Capacity: 86L

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Cook up a feast for your family and friends with the Haier Gas Range 3Burner & 1Hot plate 60cm HFS-603G1E86GOBS. With three burners and one hot plate, you can boil, stew, fry, steam, and grill simultaneously for a faster and more efficient cooking experience. You can also use different kinds of cookware with this gas range, including aluminum, stainless steel, and even glass. This kitchen mainstay features multi-function settings, giving you complete control over what you’re cooking. Additionally, it comes with a button ignition for easy operation. Unlike ordinary gas ranges, this Haier sports top-tier Italian-made Sabaf burners that are designed to prevent gas leaks and fluctuations in temperature and pressure. Thus, they are safer and much more efficient than your usual gas stoves.

Besides the high-tech burners, this gas range is also equipped with a rotisserie and gas grill so you can cook delicious chicken and pork roasts, succulent steaks, and fancy kebabs without needing to go outside to fire up the coals. For bakers, meanwhile, you will enjoy baking up a storm with this gas range’s large capacity 86-liter oven, complete with a double tempered glass door. With its flame-balanced distribution, there’s no need to worry about your breads, cakes, or cookies getting over- or under-baked. In terms of build, this robust Haier gas range is made of corrosion-proof and rust-proof stainless steel for remarkable durability. Meanwhile, its cooking areas are made from cast iron to ensure long-lasting and non-stick surfaces. On your next family reunion, party, or fiesta, you can freely volunteer to be the head chef with this gas range in your kitchen arsenal.

Express your love for your family and friends through the food you cooked with the Haier Gas Range 3Burner & 1Hot plate 60cm HFS-603G1E86GOBS. Order yours from one of the most reliable appliance stores in the country: Savers Appliances.

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