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  • 3 Gas & 1 Electric Burner
  • Oven Capacity: 80L
  • Largest Capacity
  • Flame Balance Distribution
  • Blue Flame

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Show your love and affection for your family and friends through the language of food. Cook their favorite dishes and bake their favorite desserts with the help of this Haier Gas Range 60cm HFS-603G1E80GOBS. Featuring three gas burners and one electric burner, this gas range is immune to blackouts and empty gas cylinders, so you can always cook the best meals for your family.

Moreover, this gas range comes with a large-capacity 80-liter oven that allows you to bake and roast to your heart’s content. Make memories with your kids by baking cookies together, prepare recipes you’ve never tried before because it required an oven, and switch from frying to baking as a cooking method for healthier meals. Better yet, why not volunteer to cook for the next family reunion, fiesta, or birthday party? With a total of four burners and an oven to boot, you can boil, fry, steam, and bake simultaneously, enabling you to make multiple dishes at once. This combination of cooktops also ensures a smooth and efficient kitchen experience that will eventually lead to faster cooking times. The burners on this Haier gas range also generates a blue flame for a higher and more consistent temperature that you need for better-tasting food.

Besides these features, Haier also equipped this gas range model with flame-balanced distribution to ensure even cooking every time. It also includes an easy ignition operation for quicker and safer starts. In terms of construction, this Haier gas range is rust-proof and corrosion-resistant and can withstand the daily challenges of the kitchen. Lastly, its matte black finish would be easy to integrate within your existing kitchen décor.

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