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  • 4 Gas Burner
  • 1 Gas Oven Burner
  • Big Oven Capacity
  • Tempered Glass Cover
  • Blue Flame
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Master the arts of baking, simmering, and doing multiple-pot prep with the affordable Haier 50CM Gas Range HFS-504G63GO. This useful appliance will allow you to do more in your kitchen, even if you don’t have a lot of space. Grab one for your home in the Philippines at an awesome discount here at Savers Appliances!

When setting up a home kitchen, it’s usually cheapest to buy appliances like stoves and ovens piecemeal. But the passionate cook may strive for an arrangement that allows them even better control, flexibility, and versatility in the kitchen. That’s why many dream of upgrading their current setup with an investment like a range stove. Quality range stoves do more than save space by combining gas burners and a gas oven into one consolidated unit. They are also capable of stronger and more efficient heating performance, are easier to clean, and—best of all—they enable multitasking, allowing homemakers to prepare more than one dish at a time.

If you want to save both space and time when whipping up delicious meals for your family, consider investing in a gas range. The Haier 50CM Gas Range HFS-504G63GO is a well-priced unit that will allow you to free your hands in the kitchen. Fry, boil or simmer from multiple pots on your burners while baking or roasting a dish in the oven at the same time. Key features on the Haier 50CM Gas Range HFS-504G63GO include four blue flame burners and a large gas oven. This unit is also a breeze to clean, and when you’re done wiping it down, you can simply cover it with its sturdy tempered glass cover.

Buy your Haier 50CM Gas Range HFS-504G63GO from Savers Appliances’ online appliances store to score an awesome discount. Shop now!

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