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  • Soak Master
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  • Lint Filter
  • Transparent Lid
  • Big Pulsator

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Spend more time with your family and less time on laundry with the Haier Twin Tub Washing Machine 8Kg. HW-800XP. This twin-tub washing machine features a big and powerful pulsator for cleaner clothes. For better results, separate and soak your clothes in the washer with high-quality laundry detergent before running the washing machine. This Haier washing machine also has a transparent lid, so it’s easier to monitor the progress of your laundry if need. What’s more, with this cover, you don’t run the risk of water spilling over the top, even with a full load. Inside, the washing machine comes with a lint filter that collects fabric lint and soap residue, keeping them away from drainage and preventing blockage. After every wash cycle, simply remove the debris that has accumulated on the lint filter so your washing machine is ready for the next load.

With a sizable 8-kilogram capacity, this Haier washing machine is perfect for your growing family. Meanwhile, its spin dryer can accommodate 5.6 kilograms of wet clothes. This dryer is designed to spin away excess water for faster drying under the sun. What’s more, this Haier washing machine has 2 washing courses — Strong for bulkier fabrics such as denim and comforters and normal for your everyday clothes. To ensure that you can safely wash your clothes in the machine, look at the care guide at the back or on the label of each item of clothing. Some delicate fabrics such as lace or silk may require handwashing or dry cleaning to keep them in great shape. Another great thing about this twin-tub washing machine is its rustproof plastic body. Even in the Philippines’ humid weather, you don’t have to worry about this washing machine corroding or rusting. Best of all, it has a ratproof base, so your clothes remain hygienic and safe.

Let your laundry helper do the heavy lifting. Find the Haier Twin Tub Washing Machine 8Kg. HW-800XP at Savers Appliances, the appliances store for all your family’s needs.

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