• Electric Griller
  •  Removable oil drip tray
  • Cool touch handles and base
  • Glass lid
  • Variable heat temperature
  • 1350 Wattage

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Do you enjoy eating grilled food but don’t have the space for a charcoal griller? If your answer is yes, you’ll be glad to know that the Hanabishi Electric Griller HGRILL-100 is here for your convenience. You can easily set it up on a table and grill different kinds of food right inside your home. Buy one here at Savers Appliances Philippines.

Many Filipinos enjoy grilled food but don’t often prepare them at home because conventional grilling requires a charcoal griller, which requires an outdoor space and is tedious to operate. Thanks to the Hanabishi Electric Griller HGRILL-100, you and your family can now enjoy grilled food anytime.

This tabletop electric grill allows you to make delicious food right inside your kitchen or even at the dining table. You can use it to grill meat, fish, and vegetables, which allows the flavors to deepen and achieve that smokey taste without any fumes. Since it uses electricity for its heating elements, the Hanabishi grill is more convenient to use than traditional outdoor grills and doesn’t require the use of charcoal. Also, you have better control of the heat with this electric griller. It features a heat temperature knob you can easily adjust so your food gets cooked just the way you want. Cleaning the electric griller is just as easy. It has a removable plate and oil drip tray you can quickly wash.

If you are a fan of grilled food, you need to get this electric griller from Hanabishi. You can use it to conveniently make your favorite food at home. Find the Hanabishi electric griller here at Savers Appliances along with other kitchen appliances for sale. Place your order today and use our nationwide delivery service for a convenient shopping experience.

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