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  • 8.0 cubic feet
  • Dual function freezer and chiller
  • With sliding glass door cover
  • Aluminum inner compartment
  • Energy Saving
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Keep food and drinks fresh
  • Environmental friendly
  • With lock and key
  • With wheel caster
  • With lamp

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Keep your perishables fresher for longer with the Hanabishi Freezer/Chiller Chest Type Grey 8.0u ft. HCHFXING-80, which is designed to meet all your freezing needs. Whether you’re a homeowner stocking up on groceries or a small business owner preserving goods, this chest freezer and chiller is your ultimate ally in food preservation.

This Hanabishi freezer/chiller has a dual-mode function that allows you to switch effortlessly between two modes with the simple press of a button, eliminating the need for multiple cooling devices. Additionally, the Hanabishi freezer/chiller features a generous capacity of 8 cubic feet to accommodate all your frozen and chilled essentials. Its spacious interior also allows you to organize your items conveniently. From bulk meats and garden produce to frozen meals and ice cream treats, this freezer/chiller can handle it all.

Built with durability in mind, Hanabishi built this freezer/chiller with robust materials that ensure long-lasting performance. It has a sturdy aluminum compartment and a sliding glass door cover for a tight seal to trap cold air inside, preserving the integrity of your food. When it comes to user convenience, this Hanabishi appliance features an adjustable thermostat and lamp. It also features a wheel caster, so you can easily move the freezer/chiller where you need it to be.

With its combination of all these appealing features, the Hanabishi Freezer/Chiller Chest Type Grey 8.0u ft. HCHFXING-80 is the perfect solution for preserving and chilling your food. Invest in a unit and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your frozen and chilled essentials are in good hands. You can place your order here at Savers Appliances, a leading appliances store in the Philippines. We offer a wide selection of residential and business appliances in our online catalog, along with convenient payment options through bank deposit, PayPal, or cash-on-delivery. Shipping your orders will also be a breeze, with our free delivery options to Metro Manila and Pampanga locations. Buy from Savers Appliances today and get the best deals on great-value products.

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Weight45 kg
Dimensions94 × 60 × 92 cm


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