Air fryers have boomed in popularity worldwide in the last few years, and for good reason. This seemingly humble appliance can fry, roast, bake, dehydrate, and reheat food quickly and easily, making it possible to complete your meal prep from your countertop without having to fire up the stove or oven. What’s more, they use hot air to cook food, eliminating the need for unhealthy amounts of oil without sacrificing the crispy, crunchy texture that makes fried food so delicious. Overall, a top-quality air fryer like the Hanabishi Air Fryer 3.2L HAFRYER-32 will allow you to cook up meals that are both healthy and delicious—and all this with less stress and less mess than more traditional cooking methods.

If you’re thoroughly convinced about why it’s worth owning an air fryer but struggle to sort through the various makes and models currently available, allow Savers Appliances to point you toward our reliable line of Hanabishi air fryers. The Hanabishi Air Fryer 3.2L HAFRYER-32 model, in particular, measures just 36 x 26 x 36 cm. This means you should have no trouble finding space for it even in an already crowded kitchen. Despite its modest size, however, it also boasts an internal capacity of 3.2L that should accommodate generous portions with ease. Whether you’re roasting vegetables, frying up some chicken tenders, or preparing a whole steak, the Hanabishi Air Fryer 3.2L HAFRYER-32 can do it all with minimal fuss.

Make Savers Appliances your go-to appliances store for the Hanabishi Air Fryer 3.2L HAFRYER-32 and any other appliances you might need for your home or business. As one of the Philippines’ premier purveyors of appliances, we maintain an extensive catalog of cutting-edge appliances across a broad range of categories, all reasonably priced. What’s more, Savers Appliances delivers nationwide with free shipping for purchases from Metro Manila and Pampanga, so you can look forward to receiving your items in mint condition within a reasonable timeframe.

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Weight3 kg
Dimensions36 × 26 × 36 cm


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