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Key Features:

  • The Full DC Inverter
  • The Multi-Stage Air Filtration
  • High-Density Filter
  • High-Density Filter
  • Exquisite Curved Design

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If a split-type inverter aircon is your next big household investment, then you can explore a brand like Kolin. With its full DC inverter, high-density filter, turbo-cooling feature, and smart controller, getting the Kolin Split type Aircon Full DC Inverter w/ WiFi 2.6HP KSM-IW26WAE-7J1M will be worth your while. Get one today at Savers Appliances Philippines.

User-Friendly Remote

Witty remote control design that also contains an easy-to-understand function that works precisely and at ease.

USer Friendly Remote

Turbo Cooling

With high a powered compressor that enables the cooling operation to run efficiently at its lowest temperature and highest fan speed to cool the room rapidly for a quick cozier experience.

 Turbo Mode


The user can now set the time that he/she desires to cool a room anytime he/she wants.


Sleep Mode

As the night goes by, the temperature of a person drops especially during sleep. When Sleep Mode Feature is activated, every after one hour of 2 hours of operation, the room temperature automatically increases at 1 degree Celsius and after 2 hours of cooling operation, the room temperature will now be maintained until 5 hours to provide cooling satisfaction during at sleep.

Sleep Mode

Auto Restart

Auto-restart feature is mostly applicable whenever power disruption occurs. The last setting will be restored after any power disruption occurred.

Setting Memory

Also called as Short Cut button. Setting Memory feature enables your favorite mode of settings to be recognized, so you can quickly set your favorable settings without any hassle.

 Setting Memory

Fail-Safe Function

Fail-Safe Function feature detects any sensor failure that occurs during cooling operation. If any sensors have been detected as failed, the air conditioner unit will still continue to operate safely.

Fail SAfe FUnction

Louver Position Memory 

Louver Position Memory feature enables the last position of your louvers to be recognized, so you can easily set your favorite airway position the way you like for your own cooling satisfaction.

Lover Position Memory

Refrigerant Leakage Detection

Refrigerant Leakage Detection feature automatically detects any leakage of refrigerants that occurs upon installation and during the cooling operation of the AC unit. The error code EC will appear on the display board that symbolizes that there has been a leakage of refrigerant in your AC unit. With the help of an error code, you will be notified right away to take an action as quickly as possible.

Refrigerant Leakage Detection

Precise Temperature 

Precise Temperature helps to cool the area more precisely and efficiently that matches the set room temperature.

 Precise Temp Control

Self Diagnostic Error

The self Diagnostic Error feature enables you to scan your AC unit in a short period of time and will express any troubles that it identifies through error codes that will appear on the display board.

Self Diagnostic Error

3 Minute Delay Start

3 Minute Delay Start is a passive feature that aids your compressor to operate safely, maintain its cooling effectiveness, and protects it from any damages that might happen caused by power fluctuations.

3 min delay start

Hidden LED Display 

When activated, the Hidden LED Display feature will disable the LED lights to relax your eyes during cooling operation and maintain the cooling vibe while relaxing at night.

LED Display

Air Direction

The Air Direction feature controls the movement of the louvers for more desirable air direction and to also maximize the cooling of an area.

Split-type air conditioners are named for the dual units that comprise them: an outdoor unit with its own condenser and compressor, and an indoor unit with an air handler. Some of the benefits that make split-type aircons attractive investments to homeowners are their energy efficiency, quiet and powerful cooling operation, ease of maintenance, and thorough air purification capability. For a household that’s growing in size, a split-type air conditioner is an ideal purchase to keep everyone comfortable and healthy.

One model that you can consider for your own household is the Kolin Split type Aircon Full DC Inverter w/ WiFi 2.6HP KSM-IW26WAE-7J1M. This model is true to Kolin’s commitment to manufacturing environmentally friendly and innovative appliances with long service lives. Its various features certainly make it a worthwhile purchase.

The Kolin Split type Aircon Full DC Inverter w/ WiFi 2.6HP KSM-IW26WAE-7J1M runs at a powerful 2.6 HP on a Smart Primus split-type inverter, a full DC inverter that can be controlled with a WiFi-compatible controller. The unit also boasts precise temperature control, louver position memory for your preferred airflow, and an exhaustive filtration system to keep out airborne contaminants. Other unique features that set this aircon apart are its ability to self-diagnose errors and display error codes corresponding to particular problems and its ability to detect refrigerant leakage.

Ultimately, this unit will fit well into a bigger household whose occupants want to enjoy a modern lifestyle. Get one for your own home today at Savers Appliances’ online appliances store!

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