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  • Quad Series Full DC Inverter w/ Smart Controller
  • Cooling Capacity: 8900 kJ/h (2600 – 9800)
  • EER: 12.3 kJ/hW (11.5 – 14.2)
  • Power Input: 725 watts (220 – 900)

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Kolin Quad Series has 4 C’s that helps complete and fulfill your cooling needs which compose of;
Cost savings, Cleaner Air, Convenience, and Comfort. 

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Cost Savings

Equipped with Full DC inverter technology that composes of DC fan motor, DC module, and DC compressor that provides utmost and next level cooling performance in a minimum wattage consumption only that can help you save more energy up to 60%!

60percent savings

Cleaner Air

Its multi-stage filtration process is composed of a High-Density Pre Filter, Anti-Bacterial Filter, Catechin Filter, and Silver ion Filter that works together to eliminate bacteria, odor-causing pollutants, common allergens, viruses, and other airborne contaminants for a safer and breathable air.


Convenience & Comfort

Quad Series also aligns itself with advanced technology. It is now equipped with a smart controller that helps you manage your air conditioner anytime and anywhere with ease!

Experience the high-quality comfort that you and your family deserve with its quick cooling performance.

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1. Greater energy savings with full DC inverter
2. Eco-friendly and efficient refrigerant
3. Supreme cooling performance
4. Outstanding Durability
5. Better air quality with a Multi-stage air filtration process
6. Superb Quiet Operation (As low as 42 dB)


Your family deserves to be in a cool and comfortable home without the high electricity bills. Install a Kolin Window Type Air Conditioner WiFi Inverter .75HP KAG-75WCINV in your bedroom to keep out the hot and humid weather of the Philippines at bay. This window-type aircon is powered by an energy-efficient Quad-Series Full DC inverter motor to keep your utility bills low. In fact, you can expect 65% energy savings when you compare this aircon with a non-inverter model. Moreover, it’s WiFi-enabled to allow you to control your aircon unit via your mobile device. As a result, you can come home to a cool room without having to wait.

This .75HP window-type aircon unit can cool a small 12 to 17-square-meter room at a rate of 8900 kJ/h. Moreover, it comes with multiple layers of filtration so your family can breathe not just cool but clean air as well. The first layer is a high-density pre-filter for larger particulates, then the anti-bacterial filter eliminates disease-causing microbes. Next comes the silver ion, which is a new-generation filter that sanitizes the air. Finally, the catechin filter takes care of any remaining bacteria and bad odors, leaving the room smelling its best. This unit is best for bedrooms with its 42dB quiet operation. Combined with its quick cooling and multi-stage air filtration, this aircon will ensure you get the best sleep every night.

If you’re in the market for a compact, fast-cooling, and energy-efficient aircon unit, the Kolin Window Type Air Conditioner WiFi Inverter .75HP KAG-75WCINV certainly fits the bill. To get the best deal on this model, check out Savers Appliances online. The appliances for sale in our store are certified brand-new with valid warranties to protect your purchase. Best of all, you get the appliances you want at low prices you don’t have to bargain for.

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Weight30.5 kg
Dimensions74.3 × 51.6 × 37.4 cm
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