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  • 1.5HP Window Type Air Conditioner
  • Quad Series Full DC Inverter
  • Refrigerant: R32 / 460 g
  • Cooling Capacity (kJ/h): 13210 (3960 – 14300)
  • Power Supply: 1 Ph / 230V / 60Hz
  • EER: 11.6 kJ/hW (13.5-11.6)
  • Rated Power (W): 1140 (300 – 1280)


Kolin Quad Series has 4 C’s that helps complete and fulfill your cooling needs which compose of;
Cost savings, Cleaner Air, Convenience, and Comfort. 

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Cost Savings

Equipped with Full DC inverter technology that composes of DC fan motor, DC module, and DC compressor that provides utmost and next level cooling performance in a minimum wattage consumption only that can help you save more energy up to 60%!

60percent savings

Cleaner Air

Its multi-stage filtration process is composed of a High-Density Pre Filter, Anti-Bacterial Filter, Catechin Filter, and Silver ion Filter that works together to eliminate bacteria, odor-causing pollutants, common allergens, viruses, and other airborne contaminants for a safer and breathable air.


Convenience & Comfort

Quad Series also aligns itself with advanced technology. It is now equipped with a smart controller that helps you manage your air conditioner anytime and anywhere with ease!

Experience the high-quality comfort that you and your family deserve with its quick cooling performance.

smart controller v2


1. Greater energy savings with full DC inverter
2. Eco-friendly and efficient refrigerant
3. Supreme cooling performance
4. Outstanding Durability
5. Better air quality with a Multi-stage air filtration process
6. Superb Quiet Operation (As low as 42 dB)


Make your home a cool, fresh, and clean sanctuary with the Kolin Window Type Air Conditioner WiFi Inverter 1.5HP KAG-145WCINV. Save as much as 65% on your electricity bill with this aircon’s full DC inverter technology, consisting of a DC fan motor, DC module, and DC compressor. With a quick cooling function, this window-type air conditioner delivers fast and powerful cooling performance against the humid Philippine climate. As an added feature, it’s equipped with a WiFi-enabled smart controller so you can come home to a comfortably cool room with no waiting needed. Simply operate your air-conditioned remotely through an app on your phone.

This Kolin Window Type Air Conditioner also doubles as an air purifier with its 4-stage filtration feature. The high-density pre-filter layer shields against allergens such as dust and pollen, while the second anti-bacterial filter takes care of germs, viruses, and bacteria. Meanwhile, the third filter is a new silver ion filter for further sanitation, and the last catechin filter removes any remaining traces of bacteria from the airflow. What’s left is pollution- and germ-free cool breeze. With this aircon unit’s 1.5HP motor, it can easily cool a larger room with a 23 to 27-square-meter space. It’s perfect for your master bedroom, living room, or open-concept living space with its impressive 42 dB quiet operation. Your family will have cool comfort without the noise!

This Kolin Window Type Air Conditioner WiFi Inverter 1.5HP KAG-145WCINV is part of Kolin’s Quad-Series Full DC Inverter models. Aside from the quiet but powerful cooling performance, this line of compressors and fans is also designed to be extra durable so that it can last for years. Get yours at Savers Appliances to get the lowest price on this Kolin aircon model. The appliances for sale in our online store come with the appropriate manufacturer’s warranty for even more value for money.

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Weight43 kg
Dimensions56 × 70.8 × 37.5 cm
Aircon Capacity

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No Warranty Extension, LEX Extended Warranty – 12 Months, LEX Extended Warranty – 24 Months


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