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  • 2.5HP Window Type Air Conditioner
  • Quad Series Full DC Inverter
  • Refrigerant: R32 / 610 g
  • Cooling Capacity: 24,120 kJ/h (5,050 – 27,000)
  • Power Supply: 1 Ph / 230V / 60Hz
  • EER: 11.2 kJ/hW (13.7-10.2)
  • Rated Power (W): 2,160 watts (430 – 2650)


Kolin Quad Series has 4 C’s that helps complete and fulfill your cooling needs which compose of;
Cost savings, Cleaner Air, Convenience, and Comfort. 

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Cost Savings

Equipped with Full DC inverter technology that composes of DC fan motor, DC module, and DC compressor that provides utmost and next level cooling performance in a minimum wattage consumption only that can help you save more energy up to 60%!

60percent savings

Cleaner Air

Its multi-stage filtration process is composed of a High-Density Pre Filter, Anti-Bacterial Filter, Catechin Filter, and Silver ion Filter that works together to eliminate bacteria, odor-causing pollutants, common allergens, viruses, and other airborne contaminants for a safer and breathable air.


Convenience & Comfort

Quad Series also aligns itself with advanced technology. It is now equipped with a smart controller that helps you manage your air conditioner anytime and anywhere with ease!

Experience the high-quality comfort that you and your family deserve with its quick cooling performance.

smart controller v2


1. Greater energy savings with full DC inverter
2. Eco-friendly and efficient refrigerant
3. Supreme cooling performance
4. Outstanding Durability
5. Better air quality with a Multi-stage air filtration process
6. Superb Quiet Operation (As low as 42 dB)


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Weight58.5 kg
Dimensions73.9 × 89 × 50.5 cm
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