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  • DC Inverter Motor
  • DC Inverter Fan Motor
  • Anti-Bacterial Filter
  • Cooling Capacity: 13,188 kJ/hr
  • Power Consumption: 1,008W
  • EER: 13.1
  • Power Supply: 220-240/60/1 V-P-Hz

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While the upfront cost of an inverter air conditioner might seem steep, the Koppel Window Type Aircon Inverter 1.5HP KV12WR-ARF31 proves that true value goes beyond the price tag. Designed to thrive in the Philippines’ sweltering climate, this premium aircon unit offers a remarkable return on investment through unparalleled energy efficiency, powerful performance, and health-conscious features.

The cornerstones of this aircon’s value proposition are its DC inverter motor and DC inverter fan motor, which together create an ecosystem of dynamic cooling. Inverter technology allows the aircon to adjust its output based on real-time needs, ensuring you’re not wasting a single watt of energy. With an exceptional Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 13.1, the long-term savings on your electricity bill can quickly outweigh the initial investment, making it a financially savvy choice for the Filipino consumer.

Complementing the unit’s energy efficiency is a formidable cooling capacity of 13,188 kJ/hr. Specially designed for hot and humid weather conditions, the Koppel Window Type Aircon Inverter 1.5HP KV12WR-ARF31 delivers a transformative comfort experience that goes beyond standard room cooling. All this is achieved while consuming only 1,008W of power, reinforcing its credentials as a cost-effective cooling solution.

Your health and well-being are also part of the equation. The anti-bacterial filter helps create a clean indoor atmosphere by purifying the air from microbes and allergens. This feature isn’t just a nice-to-have, particularly if you live in a congested urban center like Metro Manila—it’s a necessity for a healthy home.

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Dimensions56 × 67 × 42 cm
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