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  • Dynamic color Enhancer
  • Virtual Surround Plus
  • Dolby Audio
  • Quad Core Processor
  • Magic Remote
  • Voice Command

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A new level of HD

LG HD TVs deliver more accurate images with stunning resolution and vivid color.
This image is a dense natural forest where a river flows in the middle of Top View. This is an image that describes HD.
Picture Quality

A view that’s naturally better

LG HD TVs are made to impress with clear picture quality that’s three times better than SD.
And with Dynamic Color all your favorite content will be natural and vibrant.
This card describes the picture quality. It is an image of a colorful sunset in a lake surrounded by forests.
This card describes the dynamic color. It is an image of a sunflower.

Dynamic Color

Color at its most natural

Advanced image processing adjusts color for richer, more natural images.
Enjoy the beauty of nature’s true colors on your TV screen.
This card describes the Active HDR. It is a movie-like image of a woman touching a shining sculpture.

Active HDR

Down to the finest detail

LG FHD TV provides vibrant color and accurate detail with Active HDR.
Enjoy your favorite films in the same quality as the original with multi HDR formats including HDR10 and HLG.
*LP50 does not support Active HDR.
Sound Quality

Where every genre sounds its best

LG HD TVs are equipped with Dolby Audio to immerse you in a richer and more realistic sound experience with every genre of movie and TV show.
This card describes the sound quality It is an image of a girl smiling brightly in celebration.
This card describes the virtual surround plus. A family sitting on a couch watching soccer on TV.

Virtual Surround Plus

Sound made to fill your space

You can experience rich, multi-dimensional sound with built-in speakers on your TV.
Heighten your viewing experience with sound coming from all directions.
“*LP50 does not support Virtual Surround Plus. **May vary by products and countries.”
It is an image of a waterfall with a Dolby audio logo on the right-hand side of the image.

Dolby Audio

A cinematic sound experience

Experience clearer, more immersive theater-quality sound at home with the Dolby Audio on your TV.

Simple yet sophisticated design

A thin bezel and stylish finish work in harmony with your interior to create a better viewing experience.
A TV that shows a river flowing in the dense forest of Top View from a modern and simple house setting.
*The actual product may differ from image shown.
Quad Core Processor

How images are brought to life

Four fast, accurate processors eliminate noise and create more dynamic color and contrast.
Low-resolution images are up-scaled and reproduced as sharper, more vivid images.
This card describes the quad core processor. The image of a colorful flower bed around a castle.
*LP50 does not support Quad Core Processor.
ThinQ AI

Think you know smart? Think again.

LG ThinQ is here to maximize your TV experience. Choose your favorite voice assistant and control your TV with your voice with an all new home screen to provide more convenience and control.
A TV screen showing various contents listed and recommended by LG ThinQ AI
*LP50 does not support ThinQ AI.
Core functions of magic remote control shown in pictogram

Magic Remote

More like a magic wand.

The Magic Remote is full of tricks. It’s easy to hold and its point and scroll system allows faster searching.
ThinQ AI provides easy access to services and hotkeys for major content providers give you shortcuts to all your favorites.
*Magic remote availability differs by country. **LP50 does not support Magic Remote.
This card describes the voice command. It has the LG ThinQ AI logo.

Voice Command

Your central hub of convenience.

LG ThinQ allows simple command and control through natural voice recognition*.
You can control your LG FHD TV with your voice and access entertainment faster.

Elevate your home entertainment system with the addition of the LG 32inch Full HD Smart TV 32LM635BPTB to your setup. This 32-inch HD TV with a quad-core processor is designed to deliver vivid pictures, stunning resolutions, and more color-accurate images. It features Dolby Audio speakers that can fill your space with rich, immersive sounds, heightening your enjoyment of your favorite films, TV series, or music. Order the LG 32LM635BPTB today from Savers Appliances and treat yourself to cinematic home entertainment experiences for years to come.

If your goal is to bring home a full HD smart TV from the trusted brand LG, then check out the LG 32inch Full HD Smart TV 32LM635BPTB. With its Dynamic Color Enhancer, this model is built to deliver a cinema-quality viewing experience that displays colors as you see them in nature. When it comes to sound, the unit is also no slouch. It features Dolby Audio and Virtual Surround Plus sound, a combination that will help you fully immerse yourself in your favorite music and other multimedia experiences. This 32-inch LG TV also has a thin bezel with a stylish finish, so it looks good even if you’re not actively using it.

Aside from features that delight the senses, the LG 32LM635BPTB is also integrated with LG ThinQ, which allows you to control compatible devices with absolute ease. Just say the word and let your TV do all the searching for you.

Purchase the LG 32inch Full HD Smart TV 32LM635BPTB and other appliances for sale from Savers Appliances today and enjoy an easy shopping experience. Buy it here on our website and pay online or use bank transfers or COD to complete your purchase. We offer delivery services to different locations in the Philippines, but you also have the option to pick up your purchase from one of our appliances stores near you.

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