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  • LINEARCooling
  • DoorCooling⁺
  • Moist Balance Crisper
  • Large Capacity
  • Square Pocket Handle / Reversible Door / Zero Clearance
  • Smart Diagnosis

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Seals in Farm Freshness Longer

Lock in the flavor of fresh for longer with the temperature precision of LINEARCoolingThe first image shows the refrigerator with the top door open and filled with drinks and produce. The second image shows bright and vivid fruits and vegetables in a group.
Moist Balance Crisper™

Lock in the Moisture for the Taste of Crisp

A lattice-patterned box cover keeps fruits and veggies crisp by maintaining the ideal moisture level.
Large Capacity
Fresh and vibrant vegetables are shown inside the vegetable crisper drawer.

Reversible Door*

A Customizable Door to Suit Your Needs

The refrigerator is shown with the door opening to the left instead of the more common right to show it is customizable.

Zero Clearance

A Tighter, Better Fit

The top of the refrigerator is shown with the door open in the corner. There is an inset photo to show a closer view of the door opening and how it is not taller than the fridge box.

Make sure your family’s food storage needs are met with the LG 2 Door REF Bottom Freezer Smart Inverter 11.8CU.FT GR-B369NQRM. Featuring LINEARCooling technology, this refrigerator prevents fluctuations in temperature that may result in the wilting of your produce. Instead, with this innovative technology, food can be kept fresh for up to 7 days, as the refrigerator limits fluctuations to +/-0.5°. So, go ahead and buy fresh veggies and fruits and keep them in the Moist-Balance crisper for longer without rotting and molding.

This LG REF also comes with DoorCooling technology that features a vent on the top of the door area. This feature will keep the temperature uniform throughout the refrigerator and maintain the coolness of the items on the door shelves. In terms of electricity, this LG 2-door ref won’t add too much to your monthly bill. With an efficient smart inverter, the ref has a variable speed compressor that allows it to adjust its current in response to the temperature and refrigerator load. As such, you won’t end up with a huge bill at the end of the month.

Another cool feature of this LG 2-door REF Bottom Freezer Smart Inverter is its reversible 2-door refrigerator. Whether you’re right-handed or left-handed, opening this refrigerator is easy. Moreover, this feature comes in handy in tight spaces since the opening is flexible. The door also includes square pocket handles for easy opening and closing. Do you know this is a self-diagnosing refrigerator, too? Simply download LG’s ThinQ app to access all the features, including the self-diagnosing functionality that will give you a report about the refrigerators — errors and maintenance tips to get your refrigerator back to working condition.

If you’re interested in purchasing this LG 2 Door REF Bottom Freezer Smart Inverter 11.8CU.FT GR-B369NQRM, get it only from an appliances store that you can trust. Get it at Saver’s Appliances!

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