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  • 20 Watts RMS
  • Meridian Technology
  • Dual Action Bass
  • Long Battery Life (10 hours)
  • Water/Splashproof (IPX5)
  • Voice Command


Take the party with you wherever you go with the LG PL5 XBoom GO Portable Speaker. This lightweight, water-resistant speaker can last 18 hours on the go, and it even has LED lights to keep the party vibe going. Check out this portable LG speaker on Savers Appliances today. Order it online and enjoy great prices, convenient payment options, and quick delivery or pick up services.

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If you’re looking for a speaker that you can take with you to out-of-town trips with family and friends, you can’t go wrong with the LG PL5 XBoom GO Portable Speaker. This powerful yet sleek speaker boasts 18 hours of battery life, stereophonic sounds, and LED lights, making it a perfect companion for your planned and impromptu parties with your best buds.

The LG PL5 XBoom GO Portable Speaker is designed to be carried around with ease. It’s slim and lightweight enough to fit in your bag, but it’s capable of producing sound that can fill the room and keep the party vibe alive. The speaker is equipped with passive radiators, and it produces a powerful base without the need for additional units. To help create a fun atmosphere, it also features flashing LED lights that can sync with your music. If you want to control your playlist, use the built-in voice command to pause, play, or move on to the next song.

If you’re opting for a movie night instead, the speaker can also be connected to a home theater system and is compatible with LG TVs. It can add rear stereo sound or surround sound effects, providing you with an immersive viewing experience.

Get the LG PL5 XBoom GO Portable Speaker today by ordering it from Savers Appliances. You can drop by any of our physical stores to see this unit in person, or you can order it online and make the most of our convenient payment and delivery options.

Meet the Sleek, Portable LG XBOOM Go PL5

Fill every moment with sound. Premium Meridian audio combines with dual passive radiators for rich bass that you can feel. LED lights pulse in sync with your music. And you can take this lightweight, water-resistant speaker anywhere, with up to 18 hours of battery life so the party never has to stopLight shines from the surroundings and the front of the XBOOM Go with blue lighting on either end is visible.

Simple. Stylish. Portable.

Enjoy the sleek, cylindrical body of the LG XBOOM Go. It’s water resistant and easy to carry, with LED lights that sync to the beat of your music to create a pulsing light show for any song. No party is complete without one.
On a white background, there is a diagonal top-down view of the front of LG XBOOM Go with green lighting.
Meridian Technology

Pack the Party With you

Bring big sound wherever you go. The small, sleek body of the LG XBOOM Go packs a big punch with 20 watts of power and stereophonic sound. With Meridian audio technology and dual passive radiators, you get one powerful speaker that couldn’t be easier to pack with you.
On a white backround, There is a close-up of LG XBOOM Go's Meridian logo with magenta lighting.
Sound Boost

Exceptional Audio on the Go

Amp up the party with room-filling sound. Widen the sound field with Sound Boost EQ mode. LG teamed up with Meridian—the leader in high-resolution audio—for powerful bass and clear vocals with less distortion even at the highest volume.
On a white background, LG XBOOM Go faces the upper right with purple lighting, there is a ripple effect under the product.
Dual Action Bass

See the Bass

On a black background, There is a close-up of LG XBOOM Go's left woofer with sky-blue lighting.

Immerse yourself in Powerful Bass

Sound you can feel. Get bigger bass without needing more power or additional speakers. Dual passive radiators use air pressure to create more bass in a limited space, so you can enjoy the full range of sound in a slim, portable package.
On a white background, two XBOOM Go's point to each other. They both have red lighting.

Pool Party-proof

Keep jamming without the worry of water hitting your speaker. The water-resistant* LG XBOOM Go is a speaker built to play in less-than-perfect conditions. So the music never has to stop.

On a white background, LG XBOOM Go is facing up to the left. There are water droplets on and underneath LG XBOOM Go.

All-day Battery

Keep the hits coming all night long. Enjoy up to 18 hours of battery life for crystal-clear audio that keeps going as long as you do.LG XBOOM Go tilts to the left and floats in the air. The woofer lighting is magenta.
Multi Color Lighting

Sound you Can See

No party is complete without a light show. Flashing LED lights accurately sync to the beat of your music to create a pulsing light show for any song. Just like the hottest dance club.On a white background, five XBOOM Go show different color lighting.
Bluetooth Surround Ready

Connect to your TV for Rear Sound

Add your LG XBOOM Go to your home theater. The portable Bluetooth® speaker easily connects to compatible LG TVs to add rear stereo or surround sound to all your favorite sports, movies and TV shows
On a table, two LG XBOOM Go with sky blue lighting are in front of a TV showing a waterfall.

Convenient Voice Command

Use the voice command hotkey to control what’s playing on your XBOOM Go using just your voice. Simply activate your phone’s voice assistant and you can tell your smartphone what to play—or skip or pause—without ever leaving the dancefloor.
A hand presses a button on LG XBOOM Go. A smartphone is next it. There's a speech bubble. Google's logo is in the top right.


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Weight1.22 kg
Dimensions24.9 × 13 × 14.9 cm


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