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  • 30 Watts RMS
  • Meridian Technology
  • Dual Action Bass
  • Long Battery Life (10 hours)
  • Water/Splashproof (IPX5)
  • Voice Command


The LG PL7 XBoom Go Portable Speaker is a perfect option if you need a speaker that offers long battery life, quality sound, and LED lights that can sync with your music. Check out this sleek unit and other models like it on Savers Appliances. Find speakers that can keep up with your lifestyle only in our store. We offer online payment options and delivery services.

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The LG PL7 XBoom Go Portable Speaker is a lightweight speaker that packs a powerful sound. This splash-proof speaker can keep playing the soundtracks of your life for over 10 hours, making it a perfect addition to your out-of-town trips and celebrations with family and friends. Pair it with another unit, and they can readily take the place of your home theater’s audio system. Whether you’re on the go or staying put at home, the LG PL7 XBoom Go Portable Speaker can serve as your constant companion.

This speaker can keep the party going all night or day. In addition to its dual-action bass and the quality sound it produces, the LG PL7 XBoom Go is equipped with LED lights that can sync with just about any song, adding to your party’s festive atmosphere. Even the weather can’t dampen your celebration, as the speaker is splash-proof. If you need to skip to the next song, just say the word; the LG PL7 XBoom Go has a dedicated button for activating your phone’s personal assistant. And if you want to keep playing music 24-hours straight, just turn off the LED lights to extend the speaker’s battery life.

Get the LG PL7 XBoom Go Portable Speaker today by ordering it from Savers Appliances. You can also visit a store near you to see this model in person and explore other speaker units that you can add to your home entertainment system or bring with you to your trips. Savers Appliances accepts online payment options, so you won’t have a hard time finalizing your purchases.

A New Look for Balanced Sound

Light shines from the surroundings and the front of the XBOOM Go with blue lighting on either end is visible.


Simply Stylish

A sleek, rounded design with a rubberized finish is easy to hold and fits comfortably in your hand, while ring-shaped woofer lights add a colorful mood to your space.
On a white background, there is a diagonal top-down view of the front of LG XBOOM Go with green lighting.
Meridian Technology

Experience the Sound of Excellence

LG XBOOM Go PL7 with Meridian technology gives you premium quality sound. Hear deep bass and rich tones, and clear vocals every time you play music.
On a white background, There is a close-up of LG XBOOM Go's Meridian logo with magenta lighting.
Sound Boost

Bring Music to Life

Sound Boost amplifies sound power and widens the sound field. Just press the button to lift the party atmosphere.
On a white background, LG XBOOM Go faces the upper right with purple lighting, there is a ripple effect under the product.
Dual Action Bass

Feel Bigger Beats

Passive radiators produce bold beats powerful enough to start a party wherever you go. As the woofers vibrate the flashing ring-shaped lights create colorful movement that adds to the party feel.
On a white background, two XBOOM Go's point to each other. They both have red lighting.

Weather-Proof Enjoyment

An IPX5 rating means your speaker can get wet and keep on working, so you can keep on dancing.
On a white background, LG XBOOM Go is facing up to the left. There are water droplets on and underneath LG XBOOM Go.
All-day Battery Life

Play for Longer

24-hour battery life gives you the freedom to enjoy your music on-the-go without charging worries.
LG XBOOM Go tilts to the left and floats in the air. The woofer lighting is magenta.
Multi Color Lighting

Music with Added Mood

Colorful LED lights vary and change with the rhythm of the beat to add extra feeling to your music.

On a white background, five XBOOM Go show different color lighting.

Bluetooth Surround Ready

Make TV Sound More Immersive

Connect two LG XBOOM Go PL7s with an LG TV and use them for TV audio. It’s simple to set up and gives you vibrant surround sound with everything you watch.
On a table, two LG XBOOM Go with sky blue lighting are in front of a TV showing a waterfall.

Enjoy Music and More Just with Your Voice

Press the play button for two seconds, then speak to activate Google Assistant on your Android™ phone or Siri on iOS. You can play music, podcasts and more with a simple voice command.
A hand presses a button on LG XBOOM Go. A smartphone is next it. There's a speech bubble. Google's logo is in the top right.


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Weight1.86 kg
Dimensions29 × 14.7 × 16.3 cm


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